Alonso Tacanga

This is unbelievable…

So CSUN was up one with just seconds remaining. CSUB’s Donovan Bragg drives to the basket, draws a foul and makes a twisting layup. He makes the ensuing free throw to give the Runners a 67-65 lead.

Northridge had no timeouts remaining so they give the ball to Jenkins quickly. He runs the lenght of the court, tries to create something, but instead falls down. He didn’t lose the dribble, though. He somehow found Tremaine Townsend, who was cutting towards the basket all alone, but the center unbelievable missed the bunny. He hit the side of the rim, realized the incredible had happened, and fell to the floor grimacing in pain – heartache.

Not that the Matadors deserved to win anyways. This one definitely is going to sting. They almost pulled it off, but in the end they fell to a non-Division I team.

The end. CSUN 65 CSU Bakersfield 67