Best Collagen Face Cream 2022: Top Anti Aging Collagen Creams


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There are dozens of collagen face creams with varying cost prices on the market. Some creams are just a few dollars, while others cost hundreds of dollars. 

How do we know which collagen face creams are the best? The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. The cheap brands, in most cases, do not contain legitimate or authentic collagen peptides – while the more expensive collagen face cream brands probably do, but are extortionately priced due to their fashion house label. 

We have put together our top 3 collagen face creams for 2022. Of course, we could have listed our top 5 or even top 10 – but why would you buy the 5th best collagen cream? 

Our top choice and favorite collagen cream for the face is XYZ Smart Collagen – we make no apologies. It’s priced at $49.99, it contains pure collagen, it has great customer reviews. So if you genuinely want to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend! 

Top Collagen Face Cream 2022: XYX Smart Collagen 

What it does: XYZ Smart Collagen cream is a multi-functional beauty cream that can be used to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and defy the signs of aging. It can lift, firm, and plump the skin. 

Pros: It contains some of the most clinically studied ingredients to defy the effects of aging. It is legitimate and authentic collagen. 

Cons: Only free shipping to the US. 

Click here to view pricing from the official website 

XYZ Smart Collagen is a multi-functional beauty cream that can be used on the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines.  

It can also be used on other areas of the body. For example, it is adept at lessening the appearance of stretch marks, defying the signs of aging on arms, and soothing the pain from a tattoo. 

Unlike the majority of collagen creams, it contains only natural ingredients. In addition, it is 100% vegetarian friendly, so it is suitable for anyone looking for the best collagen cream they can use without going against their beliefs. 

The advertised benefits are: 

1. Reduces wrinkles 

2. Lifts and contours sagging skin 

3. Defines facial contours 

4. Restores elasticity and tightens the skin 

5. Improves skin density for a more toned look 

6. Smooths and refines skin texture 

7. It makes you look  years younger 

8. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks by 212% 

9. Soothes skin pain after a tattoo 

10. 100% vegetarian friendly 

All this is achieved because the active ingredient has the power to restore disorganized connective tissue structures that have been caused by the natural drop-off in collagen production that occurs as the body ages. 

Putting it in more simple terms, once the active ingredient has been absorbed, it stimulates the cells that produce collagen and encourages them to manufacture more (quality) collagen. 

Notice the use of the word “quality.” The problem with most collagen creams is they use an ingredient (TGF-?) that causes the skin to become bombarded with low-quality collagen, incapable of delivering noticeable results. 

XYZ Smart Collagen uses an alternative ingredient that boosts collagen levels in a “smart” way, enabling the skin to benefit from the optimum amount of high-quality collagen. 

Active Ingredients 

The active ingredient in XYZ Smart Collagen is sap that has been cold-pressed from the leaves of a South African plant called bulbine frutescens. 

The cold pressing method is not normally used to extract ingredients that are intended for use in skin care products. Normal extraction methods are efficient, but the ingredients being extracted are subjected to a combination of heat and air that causes an oxidising effect that robs the ingredient of some of its natural goodness. 

Cold pressing is kinder to ingredients. All the goodness is retained and, for this reason, cold pressing has become the preferred extraction method in the juicing industry. 

Cold pressing may be the best method for obtaining a maximum strength extract, but that would mean nothing if the extract in question was obtained from a plant that failed to offer any benefit. Fortunately that is not the case with bulbine frutescens. 

Scientific research shows it contains compounds that are very good for increasing collagen production, reducing collagen breakdown, and helping to maintain a healthy collagen balance. 

The Best Way to Use XYZ Smart Collagen 

The best way to use XYZ Smart Collagen is according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The skin should always be cleansed prior to application, and the cream needs to be applied two times every day—once in the morning and once at night. 

When the cream is being used to create younger-looking skin, it needs to be applied to the neck and face. However, if it is being used as a tattoo cream or for stretch mark reduction, it should be rubbed into the areas concerned. 

XYZ Smart Collagen Customer Feedback 

A few typical reviews read: 

“I’ve always been self-conscious about my stretch marks and needed something to help me feel more comfortable bearing my midriff, on the beach or by the pool, during our winter vacation. So I began using this collagen cream ten weeks before our trip and the problem was solved.” 

“I’m not one for aging gracefully, but I can’t afford plastic surgery and I’ve heard the injections can be painful, so I went searching for a cream instead. I chose XYZ Smart Collagen because it appeared to have more to offer than the other creams did. It was also much cheaper. It’s the best thing I ever did. The wrinkles are gone and I feel so much more confident now.” 

“This is the best collagen cream I have ever tried. It works. I can’t believe the difference it has made.” 

“Goodbye turkey neck. Adiós crow’s feet. I love this cream so much I’m dancing on air.” 

XYZ Smart Collagen Health Considerations 

The cream does not contain any chemicals or other artificial ingredients, so side effects are highly unlikely. The formulation is also devoid of animal extract and is 100% Vegan friendly. 

XYZ Smart Collagen Pros 

  • Safe and natural product 
  • Scientifically proven formulation 
  • Excellent customer feedback 
  • Unbeatable price 

Final Verdict 

XYZ Smart Collagen is a high-quality product that is as kind to the pocket as it appears to the face. It contains an effective ingredient that has been obtained in a way that ensures maximum potency is maintained. 

Most importantly, customers say that it works. You won’t find a better collagen cream on the market. This one gets top marks all the way. 

The Best Place to Buy XYZ Smart Collagen 

The best (and only) place to buy XYZ Smart Collagen is from the official website because the manufacturer does not sell it elsewhere. 

The official website has been translated into many languages and there are multiple currency options. 

The price tag is more than reasonable considering the product quality and there are free shipping options for certain regions. 

#2. Kollagen Intensive

Another quality cream that can boost collagen production. It is very similar to XYZ Smart Collagen but slightly more expensive. There are special offers available. 

If you want to find out more about Kollagen Intensive by clicking here 

#3. You Tonics Collagen Renewal

YouTonics Collagen Renewal is another product that stimulates collagen production. It is made by health supplement specialist Bauer Nutrition. It is not a collagen face cream  – it’s a collagen tonic you drink. However, it is an excellent product nonetheless. 

If you want to know more about YouTonics Collagen Renewal click here 

FAQ’s About Collagen

Some people try to look younger by rubbing collagen creams into their skin. Others spend hundreds of pounds on painful collagen injections that can make the skin look younger but generally have to be repeated every 6-12 months. 

The collagen creams are easily the cheapest and safest option, but many people discount them because they think a cream could not be as effective as a collagen dermal filler. 

The truth of the matter is many collagen creams contain such poor quality ingredients they are incapable of delivering good results, but some creams boost collagen levels so efficiently they produce results that are superior to those provided by dermal fillers. 

Unfortunately, many people who are looking for a way to look younger fail to give creams a second thought because they do not understand what hydrolyzed collagen is or the reason it offers such benefits to the skin. 

What is Collagen and How Does it Help You to Look Younger? 

 Collagen is a protein present in all the body’s organs and tissues. There are 29 different forms of collagen in the body, but types 1-5 account for 90%. The most common is type 1, and it can be found in the bones, tendons and skin. It also contains vitamin C 

 The epidermis (outer skin) contains skin cells and pigments. The dermis (middle part) consists of oil glands, blood vessels, and hair follicles. Finally, the subcutaneous layer (inner layer) contains sweat glands, blood vessels, and fat. All three layers also contain connective tissue with collagen fibers to support the skin and keep it nice and firm. 

Collagen is created by cells called fibroblasts, and they work very efficiently when people are young, ensuring the skin is supported by so much collagen it resists frown lines and wrinkles.  

As people grow older, the fibroblasts produce less collagen, and the skin becomes prone to wrinkles and other signs of old age. When skin collagen production is boosted in a practical way, the skin regains the extra support it needs and a smoothing effect is provided that stretches the skin sufficiently to hide wrinkles and other signs of age. 

The best collagen creams may also contain hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and shea butter. They are great for sensitive skin. Some people will use a collagen moisturizer for their dry skin – The vitamin C collagen cofactor will smooth skin. 

All the products in our top collagen face creams for 2022 have these ingredients. 

Can Collagen Heal Wounds? 

When the skin is cut or damaged somehow, natural collagen production assists fast healing by aiding the efficient migration of keratinocytes, and other vital cells that encourage tissue growth and help prevent the wound from becoming infected. For this reason, doctors often use collagen dressings as a wound healing aid. 

Collagen as An Anti-Ageing, Beauty Treatment 

Some people appear to be blessed with bodies that age slower than others. Conversely, some people are cursed with genetics that cause them to show the first signs of age when they are still relatively young. There is no arguing with Mother Nature, though. Sooner or later, the wrinkles will always begin to show. 

“A good collagen face cream is priced around $50 – $60. Pay any more, and you could just be paying for the label!” 

Collagen injections work by supplying the skin with collagen that has been obtained from external sources. In many cases, the collagen has bovine origins, but it can be taken from pigs and some forms of fish or human-based. 

Unfortunately, some people may have an allergic reaction to collagen forced into their skin by injections. There is also the chance of a bacterial infection and other negative issues, such as uneven, bumpy skin tone. 

The best collagen creams are not usually designed to impregnate the skin with extra collagen. Instead, they generally consist of easily-absorbed carrier oils that have been infused with ingredients intended to stimulate the fibroblasts and encourage them to start producing extra collagen. This is a far more natural way to get younger looking skin, but a lot of collagen creams rely on ingredients that are only capable of providing limited results. 

Most collagen face creams contain a compound called TGF-? (transforming growth factor-beta). Any skin improvement it provides is likely to be very modest and never lasts long. The problem is it causes the fibroblasts to flood the skin with too much collagen, and its quality is very low. Such a collagen overload can also damage the skin, so such creams may cause more problems than they solve. 

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. The plant extract bulbine frutescens has been shown to stimulate collagen production more effectively. When bulbine frutescens improve collagen production rates, the quality of the collagen produced is consistently high. In addition, the amount produced is correct for the skin instead of being too much. 

Collagen Summary

Collagen is an essential protein that helps support the skin and keep it looking young. It can also aid wound healing. Although collagen injections may help firm the skin and hide wrinkles, the effects do not last particularly long, and side effects are not unheard of. Collagen creams are generally a superior option, but it is essential to carefully choose a collagen face cream because some work better than others. 

If you are researching collagen face creams to boost collagen production, we recommend XYZ Smart Collagen. 

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