The Best Supplements to Take for Focus and Energy 


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You shouldn’t have to suffer through life. There is nothing worse than struggling with staying focused and feeling low on energy. 

These factors mean that our productivity for the day will likely be low, but we will equally struggle to find enjoyment from the day. The ideal goal is to balance getting enough sleep, eating a nutritional diet, being active outside, and finding a moment to meditate every day. These four factors are often a significant contributor to feeling focused and energized naturally. 

However, the ideal balance is often something that is not attainable every day. Distractions, temptations, pressures, and unexpected events can throw off our ability to get this perfect balance daily. But that goes without saying that you can still enhance your day regardless by taking supplements for focus and energy. 

Thanks to the marvels of modern science and the highly successful health industry, getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimizing your ability to focus and feel energized has never been easier. Whether you take these supplements through oral ingestion or an IV therapy session, your body will benefit significantly. 

What supplements should you consider taking if you want to focus better and feel better? We’re highlighting the best supplements that have given other people just like you the results they are after. 

Vitamin B12: IV Therapy and Oral Supplements 

This vitamin is generally found in foods such as animal meat and dairy products. But many people, especially those who are vegan or vegetarian, find themselves vitamin B12 deficient. As a result, they will likely feel extra tired and struggle to focus during the day. This supplement can be given through an IV therapy session for quick results. And you do not have to be deficient to benefit from a vitamin B12 supplement, as studies show that anyone can benefit energy-wise from a little extra vitamin B12 in their body. 

Caffeine: Drinks, Powder or Oral Supplements 

This supplement is also known as a nootropic, enhancing your energy levels and brainpower. Caffeine supplements are most commonly taken in capsule form or foods. But, of course, it is also found in coffee and is a big reason why so many rely on their daily Starbucks to start their day. However, drinking too much coffee, especially when mixed with dairy and sugar, can lead to health complications. A caffeine supplement reduces caffeine or energy intake and gets you instant results. 

Curcumin: Spices or Oral Supplements 

This nutrient is found in turmeric and is often used in Indian cuisine. The health benefits extend beyond its anti-inflammatory powers. Many studies are also showing that this supplement can have a direct impact on enhancing your memory and ability to focus. But you shouldn’t rely on consuming foods with turmeric solely to get the benefits of curcumin because it makes up a tiny percent of this commonly used spice. Instead, you can take a curcumin health supplement that can be orally ingested and create instant results for your brain. 

Fish Oils: Seafood or Oral Supplements 

Fish oil is a prevalent health supplement because of its proven ability to enhance your brain functionality while also helping to increase your mood as well. This is because fish oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids and dramatically improves your brain through their anti-inflammatory effects. Many doctors recommend taking a fish oil supplement if you feel extra tired and low on energy. 

Ginseng: Tea or Oral Supplements 

This Asian herb is quickly becoming one of the go-to’s for taking a supplement to enhance brain function and make you feel calmer and less overwhelmed. Ginseng is a root that is used in a lot of herbal teas to create a calm sensation. But it can equally be taken as an oral supplement to enhance your ability to focus. 

NAD+: IV Therapy 

The official name is Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. But that is a mouthful. So instead, just mention NAD+ as a supplement you are interested in when discussing with your doctor what will best help enhance your energy and focus levels. Not only does NAD+ help you age well, but it is also known to protect against numerous other diseases as well. While our body naturally produces this, it has less and less over time, so taking extra NAD+ through an IV therapy session is something to consider. 

If you struggle to optimize your energy and focus, talk to your doctor or nutritionist about how these supplements can help you feel better. 


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