How to Make the Best NFL Picks for 2022  


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NFL football has been called the most popular sport to bet on in America. With much fewer games played by each team than NBA basketball, MLB baseball, and NHL hockey, each face-off between teams matters that much more on the road to making it to the final Super Bowl. 

Any given week of football offers the chance to make 32 wagers once you factor in the point spreads and over and under bets that you can work to your advantage.   

Before betting on the NFL, you want to understand how the game of football is played. But also, if you are more familiar with betting on college football, you will be surprised when you find out that the spreads in the NFL are typically smaller, in the three- to the six-point range. 

Keep in mind that the NFL also has 32 teams, and you need to be aware of the weaknesses and the strengths that they currently have over each other.  

Here are some free NFL picks that can help you turn your football choices into touch-down wins.  

Research the matchup 

Analyze each game by understanding the likelihood of the underdog to upset the odds against them and prevail against the higher-ranked team. This is not a time to just guess or assume that the squad that has won more games will automatically win this one.  

Does the lesser-ranked team have a decent enough point spread to fill in the gap if they don’t score as high as you expect them to?  

Gamblers need to research the matchup and create power rankings to understand the potential outcome of the game. Create point spread information stats and inside info by staying up to date player injuries, suspensions, or injuries that may be keeping them from the playing field.  

Find your recent NFL football information in sports blogs, news websites, and sites dedicated to each team. But, of course, nobody said that making constructive NFL picks for 2022 would come with a one-size-fits-all shortcut.  

Make sure that you consider the teams you are picking that have performed in previous weeks.  

Early point spreads 

Make the most of early point spreads that tend to be less intense when bets are placed on Sunday night or Monday morning a week before the game is played. 

The odds tend to tighten up as it gets closer to game day. As a result, a spread can change as much as a point or two, which may not be in your favor.  

It becomes clearer to betting bookies how big the spread should be, giving them the advantage and making it less of a good bet for you. 

Point spreads can be artificially adjusted to force more bets in the team’s direction that is being under-bet. So this would be a good time to say away from this bet.  

Also, injuries aren’t uncommon, and a team that loses their start player can dramatically look less attractive for an NFL pick.  

Undefeated teams are rare 

Before you double down your bets on a team that has yet to lose a game this season, let’s not forget that the likelihood of an NFL football team having a flawless, defeated season is extremely rare, even with such few overall games to be played.  

If the undefeated team that you are looking to place your bet on has gone through the first third of the season without taking a loss, start considering which opponent will be capable of taking them off of their high horse. 

Could a feisty team with multiple losses be the club with the most to prove that could catch the undefeated team slipping and taking them for granted?  

Strong defense 

With all of this talk of point spreads and scoring stats, let’s not forget that teams with rough and tough defenses can not only keep the scores close but can also win games.  

First-class defenses can turn the tides on solid offenses. But don’t forget that the same can be said for when the reverse happens, and a team has an incredibly poor defensive effort. They can get run through by the opposing offense if it is superior and get the score run upon them in a hurry.  

NFL handicappers 

Finally, use a bright, premium handicapper with a solid track record. Then, consider their advice to increase your chances of making money.  

Now that you have access to these helpful tips for making the best NFL picks for 2022, go out there and make informed choices when picking the winners during the professional football season.  

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