The Biggest Tips for Startup Success in the New Year  

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2022 is here! And you better hold on tight because if the last two years were any indication, we’re in for a bumpy ride. That’s why startups in 2022 have to be fearless. They have to make their moves quickly and decisively. There’s no room for doubt. You have to take your shot and damn the consequences. But, as a wise man once said, more is lost through indecision than a wrong decision. So in this emerging decade, we’re going all in! We’ve teamed up with Kevin Miller, to give you our best insights, tips, and tricks for cultivating a successful startup in 2022!  

Taking Risks  

Our first and honestly most crucial tip is something most of our readers have already done. You’ve got to take the plunge. You cannot be afraid to take risks. Whether it’s starting your own business, buying that car, or asking that girl out. It all starts in the same mental sphere. And for those who are just coming to this point of decision. We get it. It’s always tough to take a leap of faith. Especially when it seems like there are just as many people saying no as there are saying yes. But there are about a million people on the same ledge in the world of business, and they’re all ready to go for it. That’s why it is so essential to understand the need for a company to move decisively when it’s time to make a call. Now we know that this can be considered an ephemeral skill, but you would be surprised how many impactful decisions have been made based on a “gut” feeling. Taking care to notice these feelings and to remain aware of them is one of the most important tools for any business.  

Standing Out with SEO 

Winning in business is like winning in war. It’s made up of a thousand little battles and if you win more than you lose, you’ll come up on top. However, one of the most important battlefields in the new century will not be found on a map. Instead, it’s found online in the cold calculating wasteland, the google search algorithm. Now just to drive this point home, I want us to do an exercise. Close your eyes and think deeply. It’s a warm summer night, and you’re waiting for your wife to come home from visiting her parents in Northern Vermont. You’re anxious because you’ve been cooking an extravagant meal for her that has the enviable task of serving as a dual symbol.  

One symbol is a show of gratitude for the light she brings into your life, something that shows how much you truly missed her. The other symbol is located an effusive apology for not picking her up at that airport. She just landed. You’ll see her soon, but something about checking your phone makes you realize? I have no idea how to braise a salmon. You’re scared; the, only thing worse than not picking her up would be to make her cook her celebration dinner. You quickly type search for recipes, and you’ve found it in two clicks. The day is saved! Now let’s come back to the present and think about the story. While you imagined frantically searching for recipes, I want you to ask yourself. Did you ever once consider going to the second page of results on Google? No, of course not! No one does that! It’s the same for your business. You need to be front and center on this digital island; otherwise, you’ll get washed away with the tide. That’s why teaming up with a team of SEO specialists is essential for any business. Let someone with the expertise make sure you’re seen and heard by streamlining your content into its best searchable self!  

Divide and Conquer 

When you’re first starting, one of the most challenging tasks of any startup is finding your footing. Did you know that roughly only fifty percent of startups show a profit in their first year? Now, this can be due to several factors, but a commonality that we’ve seen in many companies is this—starting your business off a little too broadly. We mean by this that the companies who’ve narrowed their focus into one attainable goal at a time are primarily the ones who are still in business. You have to start small; that’s why we suggest that companies just starting should focus on becoming a force in a particular field before they try branching out. This allows the brand to gain traction and experience an increase in its social capital by becoming an authority in a single field. You can think of it this way when a customer looks at your brand and can implicitly trust you for one thing. Then, when you start to expand, why wouldn’t they trust you for another? 

Starting a business is hard, and in 2022 it has never been more challenging. Companies that remain viable are the ones who can successfully juggle the demands of this decade. From supply chains to identify your customers’ needs finally, refining to refining those needs into a message, and then finally to conveying the correct message to your customers, it can feel like you’re an entertainer, a psychologist, and a theoretical physicist all rolled into one instead of a businessman. But with a keen eye and a finger on the pulse of developing technological trends, you can make your stand amongst your peers. 2022 can be a challenging place. There’s pitfall after pitfall and itemizing every logistical problem would give you a headache. But do not feel overwhelmed! You can do this! We know you will rise to the challenge with smarts, technique, and more than a bit of heart! That is why we’ve created this guide. As a means to show that although the challenges of 2022 are significant, they are far from insurmountable! 

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