Letter from the editor

November 1, 2021

Climate change affects Americans on a far larger level than wildfires and bad air quality. Despite struggling through droughts, wildfires and deadly gas leaks, California has become a trailblazer in climate change advocacy and eco-friendly policies and measures to make the state more green over the last decade. But it is still not enough. CSUN as a whole has also been a great example of how colleges can do their part. However, the faces of the community’s sustainability revolution, in reality, have been the climate change activists who are the most affected by.

In this issue, we talked to accidental activist Jane Fowler as we got too close for comfort about how the 2015 Aliso Canyon gas leak has affected her health for the past six years. Opinion Editor Blake Williams got down to the nitty-gritty on the topic of hydrogen vs. electric cars. We also looked at the Aliso Canyon gas leak on a larger level and discussed how activists have lobbied to shut the facility down.

We hope this issue accurately reflects our local communities’ work in advocacy.

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