Your 2022 Guide to a Romantic Valentines Day


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February 14th is either one of those days that you love or you hate. 

But if you have someone who has stolen your heart, you are likely wanting to try to make this special day feel even more special. Even during these strange times where life is not completely normal, you can still make this year’s Valentine’s Day the most romantic yet.   

In the past you may have gone down the route of giving that special person candy, a teddy bear, flowers or taking them out to dinner. Some take it to the next level and even pop the big question on this day. 

The last two years have been extra challenging when it comes to planning for this romantic day. With lockdowns and quarantines to worry about, it has been hard to have a traditional Valentine’s Day. But luckily this year seems to be regaining a bit more normality—meaning you can really go all out with your Valentine’s Day planning. 

And this day is not just reserved for those who are madly and deeply in love already. You can celebrate this day with someone who you have just started seeing. You can celebrate this day with one of your best friends. It does not matter what stage of the relationship you are in as there are plenty of things you can do to make the day tasteful and special.   

While there is no wrong or right way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there are some things you can do to ensure you really win that special person over. So we have created the ultimate guide for all you lovers out there on what you can do to make this extra memorable. 

Here is our guide to planning out the most romantic Valentine’s Day yet. 

Start the Day with a Note 

Get this special day started with one of the most romantic things you can do—a note that reveals the big plan for the day. Giving someone a Valentine’s Day card is one of the best ways to let them know you think dearly of them and they have your heart. Not only can you use the card to express your feelings, but you can use it to give the recipient an idea of what else you have planned in store for them later in the day. 

You can present the Valentine’s Day card in numerous ways. Give them the card at the breakfast table. Leave it on their pillow in bed. Or even have it delivered to their house in the morning with a fresh bouquet of flowers. This small note is a mighty powerful tool for getting the day off to the right start. 

Send Flowers During the Day 

Chances are your special someone may have to still go to work that day. So why not make an average workday feel extra special? One of the best ways to do this is with a flower delivery organized to go directly to their workplace. There is no better way to ensure that they blush and others stare in envy as an eternity rose is dropped off for them at reception. And when you pick a flower that literally lasts forever, they will think of you and your romantic gesture every day going forward. 

But make sure to organize this part of the day organized in advance. Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular gestures, so you want to make sure that your order has priority in the delivery schedule for the day. But if all else fails, you can also stop by with the flowers yourself to do the special delivery. 

Wine and Dine with Really Good Food 

There is no better way to steal someone’s heart than with really good food and wine. So after the workday is complete, give your special someone a reason to dress up in their little black dress and use their favorite blush color makeup for a night out on the town. 

Indulging in great food and great drinks is a wonderful Valentine’s Day activity to do and you can really drag it out into the late evening. Start with having a happy hour mezcal at a trendy bar—whether that be on a rooftop or hidden behind a laundromat. After one or two drinks, teach her how to eat caviar as the perfect appetizer to the delicious meal you are about to treat the two of you too. 

When it comes to dinner time, make sure you have made a reservation in advance. This is one of the most popular nights to eat out, so many restaurants will likely require you to make a reservation in advance. There is no wrong or right restaurant though. You can splurge and take your special someone out for a five-course meal, or you can show them your favorite local taco joint. The key is to share a meal together in an environment that enables the two of you to have meaningful conversations. 

And if all else fails, you can always prepare a delicious home-cooked meal at home instead. There is something extra charming when the effort is put into preparing a Valentine’s Day dinner yourself. 

Relax at Home 

Now for the best part of the day, the evening time. After a lot of great beverages is drunk and delicious food is eaten, it is time to continue the evening at your place. You can create a romantic ambience by playing some of your favorite frank sinatra vinyl and lighting candles around the room. We would not be surprised if this evolved into some slow dancing around the living room. 

You should also pre-prepare a cozy place to snuggle up and watch a movie to cap the night off. Why not go all out and build an adult-style fort in the living room and serve up some popcorn too? One of the best ways to make it feel as if you are enjoying the cinema in your lounge is with a home projector. But by this point, we won’t be surprised if the two of you are focused on other activities instead. 

End With a Kiss Goodnight 

Whether your date ends with the movie or with the two of you in bed together, don’t forget to seal off what has been a day full of a heartfelt romance with a kiss goodnight. It does not matter if it is your first kiss or your thousandth kiss—it only feels right that a day full of love is sealed off with a kiss. 

So there you go, the ultimate way to spend Valentine’s Day this year. We suggest making it a full-day affair, with surprises and thoughtful gestures around every corner. You can stick to some of the standard traditions like having flowers delivered and going out for a meal. But you can add a special flair to it all by making an entire day out of it. 

Starting the day with a Valentine’s Day card and ending it with a kiss will help you package the perfect romantic day and night so far in 2022. We only get this chance to live life once, so do not hold back when it comes to acts of romance and showcasing your love. 

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