5 Best Snoring Mouthpieces and Devices on the Market in 2022


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Finding the best anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market is quite a challenge in 2022.  

Mostly, this is because there are so many new products hitting the market. This article lists the latest devices, mouth guards, and tongue stabilizers on the market proven to stop snoring. 

Snoring is a big problem.  

It causes sleep loss, causes other people to suffer from sleep loss, and just in-general causes many problems.  

What’s even worse is that if your snoring gets bad enough that it tips the scales into central sleep apnea territory, then you could also be at risk for several different diseases and conditions.  

Quick Links: Here Are the Top 5 Snoring Solutions 

1. AirSnore – Best Overall Snoring Solution 

2. Good Morning Snore Solution – Best TSD Device 

3. VitalSleep – Best Adjustable MAD 

4. ZQuiet – Most Flexible MAD 

5. SnoreRX – Dental Lab Quality Design  

So here’s the real question: 

With all of these snoring devices hitting the market at such an accelerated rate, how do you know which products to buy and which ones are gimmicks? 

Well, we’ve gone ahead and researched for you to help you figure out precisely what works and what doesn’t.  

And the result is this list of the top five most effective snoring mouthpieces on the market today.  

1. The AirSnore MAD

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The AirSnore MAD is a device made to fit inside of your mouth like a sports mouthguard, except that it’s also specifically designed to help you stop snoring.  

MAD stands for “mandibular advancement device.”  

And that’s basically how this device works.  

There are a lot of MADs on the marketplace. And we’re going to talk about a few of them in this review.  

But they’re not created equal. So it’s essential to know which ones will work the best so that you can purchase something that’ll help you sleep without making you uncomfortable.  

Alright. Let’s talk about how the Airsnore works.  

What Does the AirSnore Do? 

The AirSnore works by slightly advancing your lower jawline to open up the upper airway, thus creating more room for air to flow through your soft palate.  

See, soft palate vibration is a significant cause of snoring.  

So, the AirSnore helps fight against this directly by pulling that lower jaw just slightly forward while you’re sleeping.  

This is how all MADs work.  

But the factor that separates high-quality MADs from low quality versions is how they’re shaped, how customizable they are, and just in-general how well they’re designed.  

And AirSnore really does well in all of these categories.  

Who Should Use the AirSnore MAD? 

Anyone who is currently suffering from a snoring issue may be able to wear an AirSnore device to help stop snoring.  

With that said, if you tend to suffer from any jaw or tooth abnormalities or impairments, it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor first. It’s also a good idea for anyone under the age of 18 to clear the use of such a product with their doctor as well, as their jawbones and teeth may still be developing.  

AirSnore Pros 

  • The complete snoring solution for a majority of snorers 
  • Great customer reviews and results 
  • Excellent build quality 
  • Affordable 
  • Seems to be effective for customers 
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee 

 AirSnore Cons 

  • Only available to buy from official website 
  • Doesn’t ship to some countries 

Where Can You Buy the AirSnore? 

The best place to buy this product is on the official AirSnore website 

You can buy the snoring mouthpiece alone for $49.95, or you can buy it along with some essential oil AirSnore drops for $89.95.  

This makes it one of the most affordable anti snoring devices on the marketplace. Combine this with its high-quality design, and its little wonder that it has such a positive reputation.  

2. The Good Morning Snore Solution TSD

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The Good Morning Snore Solution is a TSD (tongue stabilization device) that’s designed to use suction-cup technology to hold the tongue forward during sleep, thus keeping the tissues in the upper airway tighter, and keeping the tongue out of the way of your airway, to prevent soft palate vibration and snoring.  

TSDs (also known as Tongue Retaining Devices) are a little bit different from MADs. But they basically help to accomplish the same thing, they just go about it in a slightly different fashion.  

What Does the Good Morning Snore Solution Do? 

When you use the GMSS, you place it just under your lips, but against your teeth, and press down on the small ‘vacuum bulb’ on the front of the device.  

Then, you stick the end of your tongue into the device, and release the bulb.  

The ‘vacuum’ mechanism will keep your tongue held in place while you sleep, thus helping to keep it pulled forward and out of the airway while you rest.  

This is how it prevents soft palate vibration, and it actually does a pretty good job of it.  

Who Should Use the Good Morning Snore Solution? 

The Good Morning Snore Solution is simply intended for people who snore—though it is specifically not intended for people suffering from mild sleep apnea, people with respiratory disorders, people with oral mucosal diseases that may impact mucosal integrity, or other mucosal abnormalities that may occur as a result of taking medication.  

You’re also not supposed to use this snoring solution if for some reason you’re unable to breathe through your nose, as nasal breathing is essential for it to work.  

GMSS Pros 

  • Clinically tested 
  • Safe and simple 
  • FDA cleared 
  • Recommended by many doctors 
  • Gets great customer reviews 
  • Truly seems to work 
  • Comes in two sizes 

GMSS Cons 

  • A bit on the expensive side 
  • Can only be used by nasal breathers 
  • Can take some time to get used to 

Where Can You Buy the Good Morning Snore Solution? 

The best place to buy the tongue retaining device is on the official company website 

You can buy one mouthpiece for $99.94, or a sizing pack (one of each size) for $149.94.  

 3. The VitalSleep MAD

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The VitalSleep anti snoring mouthpiece is another  of the mandibular advancement devices  that packs in a ton of great features.  

Basically, it’s designed to eradicate snoring, thus giving you a better night’s sleep by targeting the cause of snoring (soft palate vibration) and opening up your airway.  

It’s also custom-molded using classic boil-and-bite fitting technology.  

What Does the VitalSleep MAD Do? 

The VitalSleep MAD works like any other MAD, except that it can also be adjusted to help you treat your own snoring problem more specifically.  

In other words, it allows you to control the amount of jaw advancement it gives you, so that you can custom-fit it to your own needs.  

It’s also FDA cleared, safe, and effective and made in the USA.  

Who Should Use the VitalSleep MAD? 

VitalSleep is truly designed for almost anyone who suffers from snoring problems.  

However, there are some limitations to who can wear it.  

If you wear braces or retainers, this mouthpiece won’t fit properly.  

You’ll also need to retain the majority of your teeth in order for this device to work. Therefore, partials or crowns must be secure and at least 1 year old in order for VitalSleep to fit.  

It’s also possible that this device may just be uncomfortable to use if you wear dentures.  

You’re also not supposed to use it if you suffer from a severe respiratory disorder, have loose teeth, or are under the age of 18.  

VitalSleep MAD Pros 

  • FDA cleared 
  • Adjustable 
  • Free shipping 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Free replacement for 1 year 
  • 60-night money-back guarantee 
  • Pretty affordable 

VitalSleep MAD Cons 

  • Can be difficult to get used to 
  • It’s a bit bigger and bulkier than some other devices, such as the GMSS 

Where Can You Buy the VitalSleep? 

The best place to buy the VitalSleep is on the official company website 

You can buy the device for $69.95, which is actually a pretty good price.  

4. The ZQuiet MAD

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The ZQuiet MAD is another FDA-cleared mandibular advancement device that helps to prevent snoring through lower jaw advancement.  

This MAD comes in 2 different sizes, though it doesn’t require you to fit it. It’s ready to go, right out of the box.  

How Does the ZQuiet MAD Work? 

The ZQuiet functions similarly to any other MAD by helping to advance the lower jawline, thus increasing the amount of room for airflow in the upper airway.  

Who Should Use the ZQuiet MAD? 

Since the ZQuiet comes in two sizes but doesn’t require fitting, it may be a better option for people who want an MAD but don’t want to ‘boil and bite method to make it fit.  

It’s also not intended for people under the age of 18.  

ZQuiet MAD Pros 

  • FDA cleared 
  • No custom fitting required 
  • Comes in 2 sizes 
  • Comes with a 60-night money back guarantee 
  • Free shipping 
  • Gets great customer reviews 
  • Pretty affordable 

ZQuiet MAD Cons 

  • Since it doesn’t need custom-fitting, it may not fit quite as snugly as some other devices 
  • May need to be trimmed down a bit to fit your unique mouth shape 

Where Can You Buy the ZQuiet? 

The best place to buy the ZQuiet is on the official company website 

You can buy a 2-size comfort system, with two devices in it, for $69.95. You can also buy a standard refill for $39.95 or a FIRM refill for $43.95.  

If you subscribe to renew it automatically, you can even save up to 25%. 

This makes the ZQuiet one of the most affordable options on our list.   

5. The SnoreRX MAD



Click Here for SnoreRX Price & Offers! 

The SnoreRX MAD is one of the more sophisticated MADs offered on the market.  

Not only does it utilize boil and bite technology for a custom fit, but it’s also adjustable. 

It boasts over 2300 verified customer reviews and gets high marks for quality.  

How Does the SnoreRX MAD Help Snorers? 

The SnoreRX is a pretty typical MAD because it works to advance the lower jawline to  

help prevent snoring by opening up the upper airway and providing more air to move through the air passages.  

But the main difference between this device and other ‘simpler’ MADs is the depth of how you can customize your fit.  

Not only can it be custom-fitted to your specific mouth with boil and bite technology, but it can also be adjusted (to a very fine-tuned degree) to provide the absolute perfect level of jaw advancement.  

The result is a more sophisticated device that, while perhaps a bit bulky in the mouth, really  

works well once you get used to it.  

Who Should Use the SnoreRX MAD? 

The SnoreRX can be used by anyone who suffers from snoring, as long as they don’t have any oral problem that would prevent using an MAD.  

It’s also not necessarily intended for users under the age of 18.  

SnoreRX MAD Pros 

  • 30-night risk-free guarantee 
  • Dental lab quality 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Allows full mouth breathing while in use 
  • Can be custom fitted 
  • Adjustable 
  • Has fantastic customer reviews 
  • Pretty affordable 

SnoreRX MAD Cons 

  • Can take a bit to get used to having it in your mouth 
  • A little more expensive than some of the other brands 

Where Can You Buy the SnoreRX? 

The best place to buy the SnoreRX is on the official product website 

You can buy one SnoreRX for $66.94 after shipping. Or you can buy the more ‘advanced’ version, the SnoreRX Plus, for $126.94 after shipping.  

Are MADs And TSDs The Most Effective Snoring Mouthpieces? 

MADs (mandibular advancement devices) and TSDs (tongue retaining devices) are effective at helping to prevent snoring because they act almost directly upon the cause of the snoring soft palate vibration.  

MADs help to do this by slightly advancing the lower jawline, while TSDs help by pulling the tongue forward and holding it during sleep.  

Both of these mechanisms help tighten the upper airway tissues and just, in general, make more room for air to move through.  

This is why both of these types of devices are indeed considered the most effective types of anti-snoring devices on the market. The research team at the DawnStudy seems to agree.  

Do Snoring Mouthpieces Work? 

There’s an extensive discussion to be had about whether or not MADs and TSDs should be universally considered to be ‘the best types of anti-snoring devices on the market.’  

The simple fact of the matter is that, yes, they DO work.  

But here’s the thing.  

Science hasn’t entirely caught up to them yet, because they’re still a relatively new phenomenon.  

It’s also true that people tend to overlook them because they can be challenging to get used to in some cases.  

However, you can check out some of the science on the topic here 

They do work.  

And if you’re looking for a snoring solution that’s minimally invasive, that’ll give you power and control over your snoring problems, then MADs and TSDs may just be your best bet at ‘snore-free sleeping freedom.’  

What Is the Best Product to Stop Snoring? 

The answer to this question will mostly be determined by your specific situation, needs, and even the shape of your mouth. Mouthguards, boil and bite mouthpieces and tongue stabilizing devices are all highly effective. 

However, the products we listed as our top five favorites at the top of this post are going to be the most effective at solving your snoring problems in the vast majority of situations and circumstances.  

Other Types of Snoring Devices and Products That Are Worth Mentioning 

Of course, MADs and TSDs are not the only types of snoring devices on the market. There are also other options for people who aren’t super crazy about the idea of sleeping with an anti-snoring device in their mouth.  

Here are some of the most widely known and widely used anti-snoring products that aren’t MADs or TSDs.  

Anti-Snoring Pillows 

An anti-snoring pillow is a pretty simple concept.  

It’s a pillow that’s shaped specifically to help the user sleep in such a position as to help them keep their airway as open as possible.  

Nasal Dilators 

Nasal dilators are small devices that you insert into the nostrils to help ‘expand’ the nasal passages, thereby helping to defeat snoring by letting more air into and out of the nose.  

Nasal Strips 

Nasal strips are adhesive strips that you place on the outside of the nose that help pull the walls of the nasal passages outward—thus creating more room for airflow.  

Both nasal strips and nasal dilators pretty much work to accomplish the same thing. Nasal strips are also a good choice because they can be used with an MAD or TSD to make them even more effective.  

CPAP Machines 

CPAP machines, also called ‘Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines,’ are commonly prescribed to help treat obstructive sleep apnea.  

They work by increasing the air pressure within the respiratory system so that it ‘pushes outward’ on the soft palate, thus creating more room for airflow and stopping the ‘blockage’ that can occur when it collapses in.  

This is how it helps to treat OSA – obstructive sleep apnea. 

However, the thing about CPAP machines is that you need to wear a pressurized mask for them to work.  

For this reason, many people consider CPAP even more invasive and troublesome than MADs or TSDs.  

However, they work well for treating obstructive sleep apnea—and they’re one of the most reliable methods of controlling it.   

Chin Straps 

Anti-snoring chin straps are stretchy material that fits around the head and under the chin.  

They help to stop snoring by fulfilling two functions.  

1. They help to keep the mouth closed, thus promoting nasal breathing 

2. They help to keep the jaw forward in such a way as to prevent it from ‘falling backward/open’ and reducing the amount of room in the upper airway 

Anti-snoring chin straps don’t always work for everyone. But some people find them to be quite helpful in preventing snoring.  

Of course, with products like this, it’s all about giving them a try to see what works better for you.  

Long Term Snoring Cures 

The thing about anti-snoring devices is that you need to keep using them to continue to hold snoring issues at bay.  

And if you cease using them, the snoring will usually come back in full force.  

So this begs another question: 

Is there any way to make snoring go away permanently? 

The answer is that it depends.  

Sometimes, positive lifestyle changes can lead to a reduction in snoring risk.  

For example, some of the most common changes that you can make to help you overcome snoring problems long-term may include: 

1. Sleeping position –  on your side instead of on your back 

2. Quitting smoking 

3. Quitting alcohol 

4. Losing weight 

5. Working out more 

6. Drinking more water to stay more hydrated 

7. Observing better sleep hygiene (for sleep apnea) 

When these types of habits are incorporated into your life, you’ll find that your quality of sleep may get a lot better and that your odds for snoring may decrease by quite a substantial margin.  

With all of that being said, sometimes just the shape of your jaw and airway make you more predisposed to snoring than other people.  

And sometimes, anti-snoring devices are needed even if you’re already doing all of these things to help you stay ahead of the ‘snoring curve.’  

Best Snoring Mouthpieces Summary: Final Thoughts 

Finding an anti-snoring mouthpiece that works requires research, trial and error, and a healthy understanding of what’s currently on the marketplace and how well it works.  

Hopefully, this post has given you the information you need to begin your search for the best snoring mouthpieces on the market to help you make a purchase that’ll actually help you move forward with overcoming your snoring challenges.  

All that’s left now is to pick out the perfect anti-snoring mouthpiece for you, make the purchase, and get back to living life as usual snore-free. 

Anti Snoring Mouthpiece FAQ’s 

What is the best anti-snoring mouthpiece based on 2022 consumer reports? 

Several snoring mouthpieces are in contention; AirSnore, GMSS, VitalSleep, ZQuiet and SnoreRX figure prominently on most new snoring-related articles and features in 2022. 

Can snoring mouthpieces help sleep apnea? 

Yes, several commercial devices can help control moderate and mild sleep apnea? 

FDA-approved snoring devices – are there any? 

Yes, many anti-snoring mouthpieces are approved to combat snoring by the FDA. In addition, most anti-snoring mouthpieces will have initial industry approval. 

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