Pros And Cons For Students Moving To Oklahoma To Study

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For a multitude of reasons, Oklahoma City is well-known. As a major transportation hub, it is home to the nation’s biggest cattle markets, considerable petroleum and natural gas deposits, and one of the most important highway routes in the United States. 

During the Land Run of 1889, more than 10,000 settlers were given the opportunity to claim land in Oklahoma City. Between 1890 and 1900, the population of the town doubled. Guthrie was no longer the capital of the territory of Oklahoma in 1907, triggering a drive to statehood.  

Oklahoma City skyline

Pros of Oklahoma City 

Low cost of living 

Due to its low cost of living, Oklahoma City is frequently ranked as one of the greatest cities to live in America. This is especially relevant to moving students.  Overhead expenses are significantly lower than the country’s average, making it an excellent location for companies. To mention one of the industries that’s currently booming in the state, sports betting in Oklahoma has been on the rise as more gaming companies are moving to this state thanks to its cheap environment and low tax rates.This edge is so substantial that the city is often ranked as the best location to live and work in the United States. This is a great place to live if students are trying to stretch their dollar further.  

Warm and welcome folks 

It’s no secret that Oklahoma City is ranked among the nation’s nicest cities. There’s a high degree of happiness since there’s something for everyone to appreciate. One may live in the city, in the country, at a top school, or in an art area. One can do it all. Downtown areas are easily accessible, with a wide variety of stores and bars. Due to the existence of the NBA’s Thunders, there are floral gardens, museums, and even professional sports to spectate. 

Cheap housing 

Oklahoma City’s low cost of living can be attributed in part to the availability of affordable housing making it a great state for students looking to rent. In 2018, the city’s median property price was under $148,000. There are an estimated 240,000 people in the United States who make less than $50,000 a year. That’s a substantial difference, so prospective homebuyers should keep that in mind. For a county of its size, the median property price here is among the cheapest in the country. 

Decent wage 

In 2017, Oklahoma City’s typical annual household income was little over $56,000. This is great for students looking for a part time job in Oklahoma. For those who like to enjoy a more lavish lifestyle without having to spend more money, the reduced cost of living will help them do this. Moving to this state may be a good idea if one’s hoping to increase their wealth and net worth. 

Several high-paying positions are available in Oklahoma City. Many of these positions are in the field of technology, and there are also numerous openings in the fields of natural gas, oil, and energy, as well as aviation. 

Easy traveling 

If one chooses to reside in the Oklahoma metropolitan area getting around will be a breeze. Even during rush hour, one will be able to get to their  house in around 20 minutes. When comparing this city to others of similar size around the country,  commuting will be five minutes shorter. Popular parks and bars are all within walking distance if one chooses to reside in the city’s downtown region. 

Cons of Oklahoma

Destructive weather 

In Oklahoma City, one will be right in the middle of Tornado Alley. Despite the low probability of a devastating catastrophe, it is important to pay attention to weather alerts as storms gather strength. Severe weather isn’t a complete surprise when one can easily spot the thunderheads forming in real-time, especially in April and May.  

Isolation can result from cultural independence 

Oklahoma has a strong sense of pride in its culture. It has one of the country’s largest Native American communities. Some  residents of local culture areis virtually compelled to stay uneducated in certain areas. Everything tends to be done with the mindset that good enough is good enough.

High levels of fundamentalism 

Everyone is entitled to hold religious or spiritual beliefs. In this state, Christianity is the most widely practiced religion, and fundamentalism is the most common method of embracing it. Due to conservative beliefs, some folks may disagree with someone that doesn’t believe in physical punishment or the death sentence. Over time, that might lead to some unsettling feelings. 

The lack of religious variety in Oklahoma City may be a concern for some students moving from coastal areas. If a student happens to be jewish there are only 2 temples one can choose from. Those of other religious traditions may be disappointed to discover a total absence of support services or social networks. 

Here, sports and religion are the most common subjects of talk. If one doesn’t find it intriguing one may have difficulty making friends here. 

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