Letter from the editor – Issue 6

Michaella Huck, Print Editor

When people picture a college student as a young adult who’s attending school, lives on campus, and pays for their education with help from their parents or guardians, as the average college student it can be limiting. But now in my last year of college, I realize this was never me or any of my peers. While I attended college straight out of high school, I have always worked multiple jobs as hard as I could to make sure my bills were paid. Being a full-time student was difficult.

On my campus I am surrounded by parents, returning students, commuters, first-generation students and transfers. In some ways we are all nontraditional. Traditionalism is something we only really see on TV, as we are all working, going to school, taking care of our parents or even taking a semester off. None of us fit the mold, but in college no one should. CSUN can be seen as a hub for students of all backgrounds to attend: to not have to live on campus if they choose not to while having access to ample parking spots, having a day care center for students who have kids, and even the accessibility of online, weekend or night classes.

There are so many accommodation options for students at our university, but some may argue it’s not enough. This issue will take a look at what nontraditional truly means and how CSUN can be an example for this category of students on campus. As times change and nontraditional becomes the new norm, it’s important these students have a voice in solving their challenges.