What to Expect From an Online Psychic 

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People are looking towards online psychics more and more because of their vast wealth of spiritual knowledge and that meeting online can be discreet and personal. Psychics have the ability to tap into the spiritual realm to answer your questions, and even find answers that you weren’t looking for. However, preparing for your first session with an online psychic can often feel overwhelming and daunting. This quick and easy to read guide will walk you through the steps to feel prepared, ready, and open to schedule your first meeting. 

Shake off those nerves and start off by doing some thinking on what you are entering to speak with an online psychic about. This could range from money to grief, from love to dreams, and make sure you look for someone who specializes in that field. Then it is most important to pick someone that you feel a connection with by reading their profile. You will have the tools you need to enter your first session confident and prepared, and come out with new peace of mind.  

A Welcoming Environment 

Even through a screen, it is a psychic’s goal to make you feel welcome and safe. By creating a warm environment with you, your psychic is creating a space for you to open up and not only build a relationship with them but also with yourself and your feelings. Expect that any psychic will greet you warmly, and remember to meet them with your own guard down. Nerves are always expected, but know that they are there to help you feel comfortable and to dispel those anxious feelings. 

There Are Many Different Types of Online Psychics 

Not every psychic specializes in the same practice, but they will always put it on their online profiles. Some common practices include tarot card reading, palm reading, medium connection, astrology, and clairvoyance. Inside these specialties psychics will focus on subjects such as relationships, money and prosperity, life path, dream interpretations, grieving, or even past life exploration. Make sure you do some research on what kind of psychic specialty you feel a connection with. 

Getting Personal 

Psychics will often need to ask personal questions to either help them discover new layers of your feelings or to help them deeply attune to the spirits of those close to you. Do not be afraid to open up and answer these questions, even if they can feel a little scary or daunting. Of course, know your personal boundaries and you are allowed to take your time to answer or refuse, but often these questions will open up new lanes and pathways to the answers you seek. Common questions can include your current address, address of your birth, and names of those you might be trying to connect with. Of course, the most common question is: 

You Might Need Your Birth Date 

One of the most important questions you will often be asked in your first meeting is your birth date. Your birthday can give a psychic a lot of information from your astrology chart to people you might be connected to in your past. These details can open up many channels for psychics to gain further intel into your life, both past and future. Make sure to have your birth date, birth time, and birth town ready to go at the beginning of your meeting. 

Be Brave In Asking Questions 

Remember you are the one hiring the psychics! You are able to ask them any questions to clarify or help guide them to what you are searching for. If you are confused by what they are saying, make sure to ask until you fully understand. They will use their questions to learn more about you, and you can, in return, use your questions to teach them more and help guide them to what you are looking for. Like any professional, it is a two way relationship that requires input from both sides of the screen. Remember they are psychics, but they might not be mind readers.   

Don’t Expect All The Answers Quickly 

Often people will come into their sessions hoping to know answers immediately, but it takes time and devotion to get to the root of your problems. Give the psychic the time that they need to fully understand where you are coming from so that they can give you fully developed answers. It can take many sessions for your online psychic to fully discover concrete answers to your questions.  

It’s Great To Come In With Specifics 

If you have done your research it is great to meet with an online psychic who specializes in what you are looking for. But beyond knowing their preferred field, think about specifics you want inside of that field. You might be interested in love and romance, but do you know what specifically you would want in that field? If you’re interested in money and prosperity, it would be great to think about your relationship with money and how it affects you. If you have been having some crazy dreams lately, make sure you take note in not only what happened with them but how they made you feel. Of course specifics are not always necessary, psychics are well versed in open-ended questions and will often be able to lead you to answers you didn’t even know you were looking for. Knowing specifics just might help lead them there quicker or more accurately.  

Come In With An Open Mind 

Your psychic will not be able to get their most accurate read on you if you are guarded. Instead try to remember to come in with an open mind, listen to what they are saying, and try to answer all of their questions with sincerity. This is how they are able to break down walls, opening up secrets about your love life or connecting with the spirits of your past. Also, coming in with an open mind isn’t just for clairvoyants, but can even help a tarot card reader tap into your overall energy that will deepen their reading. Keeping an open mind will guide you closer to the answers you desire. 

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