Briana Walden

Studio 216 student Rae practices a pole trick during a Pole Dancing Tricks class on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022, in the Van Nuys neighbor-hood of Los Angeles, Calif.

Black business spotlight: Studio 216 making moves

February 21, 2022

In the heart of the Van Nuys neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, on the corner of Saticoy Street and Balboa Boulevard, Studio 216 is making big moves. Co-owned by Kendrick Clevor and Kendale King, the studio is committed to honoring Black history through its deep roots in dance, offering classes such as Afro Fusion and Vogue Feminine alongside its already wide-ranging class list.

After moving from Cleaveland, Ohio to Los Angeles to pursue a career in dance and choreography, King felt the dance studios he went to were missing something. It was then he decided to open his own studio and fill that missing piece.

“I wanted to bring a piece of my home to Los Angeles,” said Clevor. “I wanted to create something and provide a space for dancers to showcase their work.”

Students warm up during a Pole Dancing Tricks Class (Briana Walden)

A few of the classes they offer range in levels of difficulty. Their classes include beginner pole dancing and tricks as well as a workout focused class 2Litt Twerk Fitt.

In addition to their pole classes and dance classes they also offer vocal training and choral workshops. The vocal classes and workshops are weekly and are held both in person and virtually.

Studio 216 also will be offering a pole competition and performance prep boot camp. This program is two months long and offers the opportunity for students to get hands-on training with instructors. Students can also look forward to a video of their solo performance they learn while in the program.

Dance and music are not all that Studio 216 offers to the community. For photographers, dancers, or creators looking for a backdrop and creative space they also offer studio rentals. With three different studio options ranging from a plain dance studio to more whimsical. They have a lavender painted floral room and in contrast a macabre vampire vibes throne room for creators to take advantage of.

The studio prides itself on being able to accolade all skill levels of voice and dance and welcomes them with open arms to learn the craft.

“I want people to know that this is place where they can grow,” said Clevor. “I want them to feel loved and feel like they can network and grow with this [dance] family here.”


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