Your Guide to the Ultimate Weekend Away


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Going away from your daily routine, even if it means a thirty-minute drive out of the city to rent a rural home, is just what the doctor ordered for many people that feel the desire to travel and get a breath of fresh air outside of their office space.   

But when your hectic schedule opens just enough for you to be able to see an opportunity to fill that space with your ultimate weekend getaway, it is time to turn that Friday after work to the Sunday afternoon trip that you have been longing for all year. 

In order to make the most of this miniature vacation, it is important to plan properly so that nothing gets left to chance. 

Follow along with this guide and turn that time away from work into a travel trip that sticks out in your memory for years to come.   

Pack Athletic Apparel  

When you wear athletic apparel that is made out of french terry, it feels like having the softest towel in your bathroom reconfigured as a shirt, all for the sole purpose of making you feel comfortable. 

French terry fabrics are typically made out of 100 percent cotton, but they can also be blended cotton fibers with minor amounts of lycra, spandex, rayon, or polyester. 

Commonly used in sweatpants and sweatshirts, french terry is ideal for the type of loungewear that you are going to want to have handy during a weekend trip to stay cozy.  

This midweight fabric is also appropriate for chilly weather in the early weeks of March or during the course of Autumn.  

Gear for the Beach  

Bring small beach totes on your trip, especially if you will be heading over to the beach because they replace the waste created by using and throwing out plastic shopping bags because these totes are reusable.  

Fit all of your sunscreen, towels, and water bottles in your beach totes, which have enough weight on them to not just simply blow halfway across the beach after a light gust of wind like a plastic bag would.  

You can get your beach totes in many different shapes and styles to suit your personal taste.  

Stay away from leather tote bags or ones that have metal ornaments when you are out in the sun and may want to stick your tote in the washing machine later on with some hot water and detergent. 

Let’s also not forget that when your weekend trip is all over with, you can continue to get even more value out of that trusty beach tote bag of yours by taking it to the grocery store and using it as a grocery bag.  

When you are unloading your pasta and cereal boxes out of your tote bag, you will be able to get some sudden memories of your weekend trip when you last used it, and it may give you the incentive you need to start planning to get away for another weekend really soon.  

Address the Dark Eye Circles  

With the use of brightening eye cream you will be able to moisturize and reduce the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes for those family photos when you aren’t wearing sunglasses. 

Get back to having youthful-looking eyes that look radiant and make you less self-conscious when you are looking back at yourself in the mirror.  

Prep Your Pet 

Wild One is where you are going to want to go to get your dog for this big weekend trip of yours.  

Find your pet some cute clothing for those memorable pictures that you are sure to be taking all weekend.   

If your dog has a short coat of fur, then he or she may get cold really easily and will need that coat or fitted jumper for the same reason that your human guests will, to stay warm. 

Never make your puppy be forced to wear clothes indoors because they already have their natural coat of fur.  

Get your puppy toys to play with, such as chew toys for mental stimulation, to keep their teeth clean, and for a little exercise for their jaws. 

But don’t get them any toys that are too small and could cause them to choke on them.  

If your dog has a short coat of fur, then you probably already know that it requires regular grooming. 

Use a rubber-toothed brush or one with short bristles in order to massage the skin and to deal with their loose hair. 

If your dog is of a breed that has medium to long coats of hair or thick undercoats that are in need of some subtle de-tangling on a regular basis, it will be important to have that grooming equipment on stand-up to keep your furry friend feeling friendly.  

The areas that may need the most attention for de-tanging are behind the ears, the backs of the legs, between the toes, around the tail, under the feet, in believe it or not, under the armpits. 

It is quite possible that the dog you are traveling with may need to have their beard or hair around their eyes cleaned too, which would make more sense to get done before the trip even takes place if impossible.  

Prepare for the Pool  

When your ultimate weekend involves your children, don’t forget the barbie pool floats for safe swimming. 

Make it a habit to check those floatation tubes for tears and holes because a defective inflatable is dangerous. 

Go on a New Getaway  

If you want to add some outdoor spontaneity to your weekend trip, plan your getaway with Getaway  

They offer destination outposts for temporary trips for the intended purpose of putting some distance between you and technology.  

Experience unscheduled free time for rejuvenation and to foster some creativity and connection in your busy life.  

In closing, while you are in the process of making your weekend getaway the ultimate trip, do yourself a favor and bring comfortable shoes, a light jacket, sunglasses, cosmetics, and definitely leave your work and home so you can stay in the moment and enjoy yourself and the loved ones you are traveling with.  

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