Discover Where to Find the Best Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Options for 2022 

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Los Angeles has so many great treatment options to choose from it’s easy to get overwhelmed and paralyzed by the amount of choice on hand.  

Not only do you need to sort through the many types of treatment available, but then also find the program, the location, and the community that fits with your personality and priorities. 

Let’s map out the steps you can follow to find the best addiction treatment in Los Angeles based on the factors that matter most to you.   

Step 1: Decide on a Treatment Type 

Every addiction treatment type comes with its own set of pros and cons, and there’s no cookie-cutter solution for everyone. 

Depending on your situation and severity of addiction, it may be wise, to begin with, a medically-assisted detox that minimizes discomfort and reduces risk from the start. 

However, this approach only works in the short term and doesn’t address the underlying causes of addiction that take root in psychology and behavior. Detox is indeed valuable and terrific first step, but that is only phase one.  

The real progress happens in treatment tools such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Group Therapy, and Sober Living environments.  

Rather than just offering advice and catchphrases, these methods dive deeper into the “why” and “how” of addiction and recovery. These are the absolute lifesavers for people struggling with all sorts of habits, and once again, they each have advantages and downsides to consider. 

As you’ll discover, the most effective recovery protocols draw from a range of different modes of treatment and therapeutic methods. Discovering the best one for you requires self-reflection and a level of vulnerability. So be open to new treatment methods and don’t write them off until you conduct further research. 

Step 2: Pick the Right Place  

Even with a perfectly balanced treatment program in place, the full effects of recovery won’t be realized unless you change up your environment to some degree.   

This is why many folks decide to step away from the stresses of life for a time with sober living situations that allow them to start fresh. 

Beyond that, you’ll want to look for a private, comfortable place that you can trust and rely on for the entirety of your sobriety journey. 

Attending meetings throughout the city can be helpful, but the most impactful transformations happen when you have a reliable location and community you can count on. 

Step 3: Team Up with the Right People  

While there are numerous addiction treatment experts in the LA region, not all of them will understand your personal experience and offer guidance that resonates with you. 

This means that you must connect with people you can relate to and trust personally, which is always easier said than done. Of course, it helps to find a community of people with similar backgrounds and life experiences, but a diversity of perspectives and opinions can also be beneficial. 

This is where the science of addiction and recovery only goes so far. At some point, you’ll need to connect with others on an emotional level and start to build a network of support that will take you to the next level in your life.  

Step 4: Commit to the Long Term  

There’s a reason why phenomena like the “pink cloud” exist in the recovery community. It’s easy to feel excited and motivated at the beginning of your journey, but those feelings can wear thin after months or years. 

This introduces a paradox that is difficult to untangle for many in recovery. On the one hand, you want to commit to a community and place your trust in others. But meanwhile, you should be open to new paths of action and continually assess your progress on all levels – physically, emotionally, and so on.  

Knowing this, it’s vitally important to remain action-oriented in your recovery and avoid falling into traps of boredom, malaise, or interpersonal issues that can lead us back down a dark path. 

Sustainable and successful recovery is your priority, so don’t let sunk-cost fallacies or guilt come into play when dealing with counselors, coaches, programs, or other members of the community. 

 If something isn’t working for you and you’ve given it all you can, don’t hesitate to shift your sails and move in a different direction. Stay firmly on track with your current strategy if it’s yielding the results you want. Don’t rock the boat for no reason! 

Your Recovery Journey Begins Now 

Simply taking the first step towards recovery is such a powerful mindset shift. Use this guide to point you on the right path and get the addiction treatment that best suits your personality, lifestyle, and long-term goals. 

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