Is IV Therapy Right for You? Discover the Basics

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Many of us just struggle through the pain and side effects, waiting for it to wear off or over-the-counter medications to kick in and provide relief after what feels like an eternity. Being absorbed into the bloodstream, I.V therapy allows the effects to be felt almost immediately. This is an option to scale to the top of your list to restore wellness and vitality as quickly and comfortably as possible. I.V. Hydration Therapy is the key to living a life free of many problematic conditions that haunt our day-to-day lives. Here are a few of the basics you should know about I.V. therapy before getting started.   

What is it?  

First and foremost, what is I.V. therapy? It is a form of treatment that delivers fluids, medications, or vitamins directly into the body’s veins. This method is the fastest way to deliver medication into the bloodstream instead of playing the waiting game with orally administrated medications. There are many misconceptions around the idea that an I.V. is strictly for those battling dehydration during hospital visits. There could not be anything further from the truth.  This treatment is often referred to as hydration therapy because it is much more than just an hydration infusion. Again, a plethora of vitamins, supplements, and medications are infused into the I.V. treatments that are used collectively to serve a multitude of purposes.  

How does it benefit me? 

I.V. Therapy works great to serve many purposes such as cleansing, detoxing, food poisoning relief, beautifying, and antioxidant therapy, just to name a few. Unfortunately, in some instances, taking a trip to a medical center to relieve yourself of pain and symptoms of some of these nightmare conditions is out of the question. That is why a new standard has been put in place and exceeded. In-home I.V. treatment and wellness infusions are quick, easy, and efficient for everyone from those suffering from the Flu to those that are a little (or a lot) hungover after a night out. After going through all of those things, going to the doctor’s or physician’s office is the last thing you want to do. So why not have them come to you?  

Yup, receive I.V. hydration therapy administered in your home, office, or hotel at your convenience and be alleviated almost instantly. This may sound like more than that trip to the doctor, but it is quite simple. After selecting your location, treatment, and supplements, your job is over. A physician will be in contact with you shortly after your inquiry to complete a quick consultation. There is nothing for you to do but await the team that will administer the I.V. therapy for you and relax in your place of comfort. You will experience relief almost instantly, but you also will not have to suffer through the motions of traveling, or worse, waiting out the pain and symptoms.  

Is it right for me? 

With all of the amazing benefits, I.V. therapy is an excellent option for you if you want it to be.  

Almost anyone can receive I.V. treatment, so long as they are between 18 and 65. Patients with certain medical conditions may not be appropriate candidates for this treatment. Also, these hydration therapy treatments are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding patients, but not all medications are recommended. Again, there are many purposes that these I.V. hydration therapies serve. Those purposes are one of the determining factors for the types of medications and supplements infused within the solution. During your consultation, these determinations will be made to avoid providing services and I.V. treatments that will be anything less than excellent. If need be, providing your doctor’s information, for example, your obstetrician, would be helpful regarding your care and appropriate treatment options for your condition. 

If you are in their current cities, the treatment is readily available. In addition, the treatments are far less expensive than most co-pays required from urgent care facilities, or emergency rooms, making it easy on your wallet. They also accept FSA, which can be utilized by checking out your FSA card.  

The most pain that you may feel during your I.V. therapy is a tiny pinch from the pediatric-sized I.V. Their team comprises licensed medical professionals with over 3 years of experience in I.V. placement and infusion. There have not been any major side effects from the treatment as well. At most, a cooling sensation is normal to experience during the treatment. If you are sick, recovering, or battling with low immune health, experiencing chronic drowsiness and low energy, or just dealing with a hangover from last night, I.V. therapy is great for you.   

There are so many surprising benefits of I.V. hydration therapy. The best part is indulging in a feeling of relief after your treatment while you kick back and relax in your environment of great comfort with a team of medical professionals that you can trust. So let today be the last day that you suffer through the shortcoming of these conditions and invest in your health.  

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