Sunset Sessions: Phovea


Conor Richards

Phovea at Sunset Sessions.

PJ Shahamat, Audio Editor

Phovea is a five-piece band that started out of an Arleta garage in early 2012. The synth-tinged group consists of Francisco Gonzalez, Damian Romero, Fred Vafai, Demetris Vazquez and Luigi Mendoza. On Sunset Sessions, Phovea discusses how the pandemic affected the band’s writing process and the impact on their sound.

Phovea play their 2022 single “Close the Door.”

Phovea play their 2020 single “Cactus Moon.”

Phovea play their 2019 single “Flipside.”


Audio/Producer/Host: PJ Shahamat
Videographer/Director: Conor Richards
Production Assistants: Rocky Walker, Shannon Carter, and Habeba Mostafa