4 Benefits of Pique Cotton


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There are a lot of materials that shirts and pants can be made out of, but one of the best materials that you can get for your clothing is Pique Cotton. Pique cotton is typical cotton, but the most significant difference is the weaving style that the cotton goes through to make clothes. The cotton is made to have raised parallel chords in the fabric, which gives your clothes some texture that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. 

You can run your hand across the cotton and feel a waffle grid shape, a honeymoon structure, or just raised lines, and it’s a very beautiful style to pull off. Additionally, every single piece of clothing you buy with Pique cotton will be unique, or at the very least slightly different.  

Pique is made with a double knit technique, where two layers of pique cotton are incorporated together simultaneously and then laid atop one another by machines. Additionally, the bottom layer has twice as many threads as the top layer to create that unique contrast. 

But aside from how the clothing looks and feels, there are a few other benefits to primarily getting your clothes made from Pique cotton. So no matter what type of pique cotton you want to start wearing, this is the time to start looking at the benefits! 

1. The Shirt Is More Breathable and Shows Less Sweat 

The pique fabric’s textured design and weave are very airy and give you a light feel while wearing it. You will often find pique cotton and fabric in summer shirts, polo shirts, and golf shirts for good reason! If you are wearing one, you will feel more comfortable and cooler. 

Additionally, the texture and weave also hide sweat better because no one likes wearing sweaty clothing during sports games! So if you sweat a lot and want to hide that fact when out in the heat, you need to find a shirt made from Pique cotton. You’ll be enjoying just how absorbent the fabric is in no time! 

2. Pique Fabric Is Very Durable 

Again, the weaved look helps with the durability of the cotton as well. The weave is very net-like, with all the strands tied together and supporting one another, and that means that those strains are tough to break. Multiply all those strands by a few hundred thousand, and you’ve got a very nice interwoven shirt that won’t break under pressure!  

They will last for a long while, and the fabric will look very formal due to the pique cotton. So if you need a shirt for both sporting events and professional events, this is undoubtedly the item for you! 

3. It is Used In Various Household Items 

If you are wearing your pique cotton shirt and loving everything about it, there’s a chance you might want to expand pique into the rest of your wardrobe. But pique isn’t just for your clothes, but it also can be found in various household items that take advantage of pique’s absorbability and durability.   

Towels, bathrobes, and bed linen have pique cotton options. They can be very beneficial since towels and bathrobes are specifically designed to absorb liquids, and you certainly want your bed linen to last a very long time! 

4. It Can Be Worn Formally and For Fun 

Pique fabric has been made into all sorts of items for various occasions. For example, you can wear pique pajamas, polo and golf shirts, and even wear them to white tie events in the form of pique dress shirts and ties. 

So if you happen to enjoy the moisture-free breathability of pique cotton fabric, then rest assured that you will be able to find all you could ever want when it comes to pique clothing! Just make sure that you don’t overdo it because too much pique is very noticeable and can look more like comfortable casual wear than anything formal. 

Pick Out Some Pique Today! 

Finding clothes made out of pique cotton fabric can be an adventure, but it’s well worth grabbing a few golf and polo shirts made out of pique! You’ll quickly find yourself enjoying the texture and loving how breathable the fabric itself is.  

Pique can be especially helpful if you are an athlete or someone who just wants to work outdoors because it will keep you free of sweat, free from suffocating in the heat, and free from being uncomfortable while you play your game or do your work.  

Look for some pique fabric near you, and try some clothes on. You might find it hard to wear anything else once you get used to how pique feels on you. 

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