3 Ways To Hire The Best Event Host, Guaranteed

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One of the most surefire ways to ensure that a good time is had at an event you throw is to pick the right host for the occasion. Having a great host at the helm of an event is like having a phenomenal captain present and in control of a massive ship. A good party usually consists of too many elements to count, so having a great host to steer the festivities’ direction is very important. 

But the million-dollar question is, as an event planner, how do you get there? How do you ensure that you get the best person to take command of your attendees’ experience to the point that they have the best time possible at your event? 

Do you try doing your research?  

Do you try to book other companies’ talent on their days off? 

Do you guess?  

These might seem like strange questions to ask, but what can you do to ensure the best outcome if you haven’t been throwing parties for as long as the oldest competitors in the business? 

At this point, it should be obvious that you’re going to need a plan that you can depend on, especially if you’re going to choose the best possible event host for your event successfully. 

One way to approach this is to narrow it down to three ways.   

The first way to pick an event host is to take advantage of social media. Nowadays, several rating outlets create a history of performance, which could help. In addition, one can follow the ratings of specific hosts and read reviews to get a clear picture of their audiences’ experiences.  

Of course, this does not mean reading one or two bad reviews should lead to you writing a potential host entirely off. We all know that sometimes a reviewer cannot be the most reliable, so it will take looking at several reviews and then factoring in the law of averages. But it still stands to say, modern technology gives us a great advantage as far as holding service providers accountable in a more accessible way than before. 

So if you see a host that may look good but read several nightmare reviews from people who received their service, you know better than to move forward with them without being extremely careful.  

A second way to narrow down which host to hire is to check out their internet presence. For example, having a well-done website can be very useful, especially if they are mindful enough to share their previous experience, such as a detailed list of their previous clients. Of course, there is the danger that a person could simply lie and post several impressive-looking credits that they didn’t achieve.  

This would be a bad example of the “fake it until you make it” strategy. This would be the time to see if they have backed these credits up with testimonials on their website. If that is not the case, you can still check to see if they’re on a site like LinkedIn, which is geared directly towards highlighting professional history and levels of experience.  

A third way to find the best event host would be to see if any of them are available for quick phone conversations. It may not be the most obvious option to pursue, but this could be an incredible way to see how their vibe is on a person-to-person level. Great hosts can take their personal effect and direct it into how they interact with crowds. If a potential host is easy to talk to and has a very comfortable way about them, then there’s an even higher chance that they’ll be able to connect well with more than one person at the same time, the same way that they can connect with you when you’re speaking directly to them. Of course, it’s not always true, but it is a great place to start.  

You can also try to attend an event that they are the host before yours occurs. This could be the best way to tell because it will put you in the position of the eventgoer. You could see how it is to be an event that they are at the helm. This could do wonders for predicting how they would be your event host. 

Choosing a host that can take your event to the next level is understandably an essential process. It’s highly encouraging to know that resources and methods are available to make it that much easier to accomplish.  

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