Two Ways to Bleach Your Hair Naturally

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Bleaching your hair can be expensive and time-consuming if you have to go to a salon. You might get the results you want by seeing a professional, but the cost might not be worth you. Also, salons use chemicals to strip the natural color of your hair. This can leave much damage done from the bleach. Many women are looking for other ways to bleach their hair more naturally. Sun bleached hair has been a popular way women have changed their hair color over the years. Bleaching your hair tends to leave it drier than usual, whether using chemicals or letting the UV rays from the sun bleach it naturally. You must take care of your hair if you bleach it in the salon, spend time in the sun, or use other household products. Using conditioner and oils in your hair a few times a week before bleaching helps keep its moisture. If you are spending a lot of time in the sun, make sure you also spend some time in the shade or with a hat on to ensure you don’t overexpose your hair to the UV rays. Whether you are intentionally bleaching your hair or spending a lot of time outside during the summer months, it’s good to know how to bleach your hair naturally.   

In the Sun 

When people think of bleaching their hair naturally, they often think of spending time in the sun. And rightfully so. UV radiation from the sun can cause your hair color to change. Sunlight can lighten your hair by bleaching out the melanin, which gives hair and skin their color. Depending on your hair color, some people may notice their hair getting lighter than other people’s hair while spending time in the sun. Although the sun will lighten your hair on its own, many people speed up the process by applying other products to their hair and spending time in the sun. One of the most popular products for sun-bleached hair is lemon juice. By spraying lemon juice from a spray bottle into your hair and then sitting in the sun for a few hours, you may experience sun-bleached hair over time. Another way people attempt sun-bleached hair is using honey and olive oil. You can start by combining the two items into a bowl and then applying the mixture to your hair. Then, you can spend a few hours in the sun a few days a week until you get the results you want. One option for sun-bleached hair that you may not have heard of is using chamomile tea. First, brew a cup of the tea and let it cool until lukewarm. Then apply it to your hair and spend about 30 minutes in the sun. You can also do this a few times a week until you reach your perfect hair color. 

Effects From the Sun 

Although many people enjoy using the sun to bleach their hair, there are some effects of the natural sunlight itself. UV radiation from the sun can cause damage to our skin as well as our hair. In addition, the radiation can destroy hair proteins, leaving your hair dry and brittle. Therefore, it’s essential to give your sun-bleached hair the proper care by keeping it hydrated and protected from the sun by using a hat or SPF products for your hair. Spending some time in the shade can also give your hair a break from the intense UV rays. 

Using Household Products 

There are other ways to bleach your hair without the sun. You can combine conditioner and cinnamon to make a thick paste. Then, apply the mixture to your hair and leave it in for a few hours or overnight. You can do this once a week until you see a difference in your hair color. Another way to lighten your hair is to add apple cider vinegar and water to a spray bottle and saturate your hair. Leave it for about 30 minutes, and then rinse it with cool water. You can also do this once a week until you get your desired results. If you want to add a little more than just vinegar, you can add honey and coconut oil. Honey has bleaching properties, while coconut oil helps keep your hair hydrated. If you add honey and coconut oil, you can leave the mixture in your hair overnight. 

Naturally, Lighten Your Hair 

Whether you go the sun-bleached route or choose to use household products, you can bleach your hair naturally without going to the salon. However, it’s essential to give your hair the proper care it needs when spending time in the sun and when using products to lighten the color of your hair. Also, make sure you keep your hair moisturized and covered for some time in the sun to get the best results when bleaching your hair naturally. 

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