Seven Stunning Punjabi Suits to Rock This Summer

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The weather is finally becoming enjoyable again! After a long winter all anyone wants to do is go to summer parties and events and feel their best. For many people- including you!- Punjabi suits are the perfect balance of traditional patterns and styles with modern comforts. It can allow any woman to feel her best while also looking simply gorgeous. Here are seven Punjabi suits that will be sure to make you feel like royalty this summer:
woman in gold suit
How gorgeous is this Punjabi? The gold and pink with blue accents are the perfect summer colors and can be dressed up or down. As shown here it looks wonderful with sandals! If you want a piece that can be worn to any summer events, day or night, this will be the perfect suit for you. The arms are sheer but long which are flattering to anyone. This is a beautiful piece!

woman in pastel-colored suit

Doesn’t this dress just look like summer? With the bright colorful patterns it looks like the perfect Punjabi suit to rock near the beach or for a daytime event! The kurta is stunning, with the intricate and colorful patterns, but somehow the salwars steal the show. With the bright blue and the gold accent they are simply stunning. This suit is bold but in a joyous and youthful way- it is the perfect Punjabi suit to wear in the sun!

woman in pink and magenta suit

This Punjabi suit is elegant but in the most casual way possible, giving it a laid-back summer feel. Something about the long kurta with the bright salwars gives it a very relaxed summer feel while also being stunning. This is a piece you can dress up with lots of jewelry, as shown in the picture, or very bright makeup. The contrasting colors and cuts would make it perfect for a transitional day-to-night piece that you could wear all summer long. Think how much use you will get out of it!

woman in yellow and pink suit

I know this is similar to the earlier gold and pink Punjabi suit, but I am a sucker for these color variations! This brighter yellow and more relaxed cut gives this a very youthful feel, meaning if you are younger and want to find a suit that you can accessorize and wear to your liking, this might be a good choice. It is not as warm as the earlier gold suit, and because of this it feels slightly more casual- this is something you could wear to any party. I would recommend pairing this with as much gold jewelry as you can stand and a neutral lip with dark eye makeup- the contrast to the youthful and fun colors and patterns will look so good as the sun sets!

woman in white and gold suit

Those flower details are stunning! The lavender with the sage is simply perfect! This Punjabi suit is so feminine and beautiful and will be perfect for any activity. I would not typically think these colors would compliment each other so well, but the flowy satin of the salwars look so good with the straight cut sage. Paired with dramatic earrings, this is a versatile outfit I think you will keep forever.

woman in sage-colored suit

If you love sage for the summer but aren’t as big of a fan of lavender, this is the suit for you! The sage with the neutral detailing are so elegant and can be worn all summer long. It looks so comfortable yet classy at the same time, and you are sure to feel confident in it. I would love to see this paired with a pink lip and neutral eyeshadow- the cool sage tones will look so good with a fully done-up face. It’s the perfect outfit to celebrate engagements or wear to a party!

woman in black and gold suit

We normally think of bright colors and pastels for the summer months, but some people prefer black year-round. This is the perfect combination of both! The bright gold and black are such a timeless classic and while this is perfect for the summer it could also be worn any other time of the year. If you find that you are most confident in black but still want to make a statement and wear something beautiful, I would suggest this suit or any other black suit with bright accents. It will allow you to be your most authentic self while also showing your fun side. What is better than that?

With all these lovely options it can be overwhelming to pick what to wear, but with these choices you can see what will work best for different events or for different people. Not everyone wants bright pastels and not everyone wants to wear black, but there is a perfect suit for everyone! Just make sure you wear something that makes you feel the best during these warm months!

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