Eight Ways to Get Summer Ready 


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With summer right around the corner, many of us will be getting our sundresses and jean shorts to enjoy the sun and warm weather. With that, of course, comes the maintenance of unruly body hair that many of us neglect in the winter seasons. Shaving can irritate the skin, cause ingrown hairs, and painful shaving knicks and burns can look as bad as they feel. Waxing lasts longer than shaving but can be very painful and expensive. Laser hair removal is the perfect answer for your body hair concerns, but the bills at a laser hair removal spa can add up, so many people are considering easier ways to go hair-free. Both are more affordable and can be done at home. The Lumi is a convenient solution. 

1. Got Hair? 

If you have hair you want to remove from the comfort of your own home; the Lumi at-home laser hair removal kit is all you need. Easier and more convenient than spa services, you will be able to follow easy instructions to remove your leg hair conveniently from the comfort of your home (or wherever you want to use it). It starts working quickly, and you’ll see results within a month- what is more perfect as the summer approaches? You’ll be able to enjoy more fun in the sun and less time in the shower with a razor in your hand. 

2. New Shoes?

Why not get some new shoes to show off your legs? Some fun wedges or sandals will bring attention to your legs and will be a way to show off your great style. I can’t think of many more perfect reasons to go shopping than the change of seasons! 

3. New Wardrobe

You already got the shoes but what about a new sundress? You have clothes in your closet, sure, but you’ll need something new to wear after spring cleaning and changing trends. Denim on denim is very in, so grab some Bermuda jean shorts and a jean jacket for those cool June nights. Sundresses never go out of style, so invest in a piece that makes you feel as beautiful and feminine as your smooth legs! 

4. Moisturize

A critical step while doing laser hair removal with your Lumi is to make sure you care for your skin, and one of the essential parts is moisturizing your skin. For example, you’ll be showing off your legs a lot this season, and you don’t want dry legs to be shown to the world. So pick up some great lotion from the store and slather it all over your body- it might be more humid than the dry winter months, but your body still needs TLC! 

5. Self-Tanner

So you have moisturized and hairless legs, but it’s summer, so you want a tan. However, a natural tan can be very dangerous for your health, and we are practicing self-love this summer. So pick up some self-tanner to have the tan of your dreams without cancer– I promise no one will be able to tell. 

6. Sunscreen

And with the self-tanner advice, do not forget the sunscreen! A sunburn is not the best way to feel good about yourself and is very unhealthy for your skin. So make sure you are taking great care of your hairless skin this summer to show it off for longer! 

7. Bug Spray

Do you have travel plans this summer? Going camping in the Midwest? Going on a hike in Colorado? Exploring the Southwest desert? Making a big trip to Costa Rica? Whether it’s one of the above or something completely different, you’ll probably need bug spray. Maybe this tip doesn’t seem to go with everything else, but you’ve already purchased a Lumi and have smooth skin. You’ve been using it to avoid the pain of waxing and the razor burn from razors. You don’t want itchy and irritating bug bites covering your body! That is not the way to enjoy the warm summer months! 

8. Confidence is a Must!

Above anything else, feel good about yourself! Summer should be a time to enjoy life. Go on walks, see new things, pet more dogs, and drink margaritas on a patio. This is your time to shine and don’t let yourself hold you back from everything you are capable of. If you feel beautiful, you will look stunning. Whether you feel good because your Lumi is showing results, you got a promotion, you have a cute Bumble date later, or because you’ve found a new hobby, you are worth celebrating. So make sure you go out there this summer with some new shoes, a new wardrobe, or whatever makes you feel good- you are ready for summer! 

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