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Dealing with a loss: How to get help

University Counseling Services is available at Bayramian Hall, Room 520

In a 2004 survey by the American College Health Association, about half of all college students reported feeling depressed to the point that they were unable to function, and roughly 15 percent met the criteria for clinical depression.’ There are a number of factors that can lead to depression, including the loss of a loved one and stress, among others, according to the American Psychiatric Association.’ Counseling services can be a step towards addressing feelings of depression.’ CSUN’s University Counseling Services are available at Bayramian Hall, room 520.’ Appointments can be made from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by calling (818) 677-2366.’ Counselors are also available for emergencies on a walk-in basis; be sure to let the receptionist know you need to speak with someone as soon as possible.

The Top Reasons People Say No to Counseling

‘Counseling is a sign of weakness.’

Nothing could be further from the truth. It takes courage to address problem areas and examine painful feelings. Entering counseling is taking the first step in resolving difficulties.

‘I’m afraid that speaking to a counselor means that I am crazy.’
You don’t need to be sick or have a lot of problems to go into counseling, you just need to be feeling stuck. Counseling helps when you have tried to address a situation on your own but your strategies don’t seem to help.

Being able to ask for help often indicates maturity and a sense of security in oneself. Counseling is like seeing a doctor – you don’t go to a doctor only if you have a heart attack. It can be helpful to see a doctor if you have the flu. Students often seek and benefit from counseling for issues such as academic difficulty, relationship problems, adjustment concerns, managing stress, or choosing a major.

‘I can’t afford to pay for counseling’
CSUN’s counseling is available at no charge to all CSUN students, and if you are interested in seeing a professional in the community we have many resources that provide lower cost services for those who qualify.

‘I can always talk to a friend’ ‘I don’t understand how talking to a stranger can be helpful’
Although friends can provide wonderful support and empathy, they often are unable to be objective, and they may lack the necessary training regarding psychological dynamics. Furthermore in a friendship, the needs of both people must be attended to since friendships require a mutual exchange of listening and sharing, In a counseling relationship, the focus is solely on you. You don’t have to worry about burdening a therapist, it’s their job to listen.

‘I don’t believe just talking can do any good.’
Sharing information in an environment that is nonjudgmental and caring often helps relieve the emotional pressure caused by keeping our thoughts and feelings to ourselves. Counseling, however, is more than just talking. It is also a way of understanding who we are and how we relate to the world around us, by focusing attention on the underlying dynamics about which we may have been previously unaware. This provides new ways of looking at our problems and opens up new choices about how to handle these problems.

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