Discover Easy Ways to Incorporate Superfoods Into Your Diet


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Forget the crash diets and restrictive eating plans for a minute. Rather than stressing out about calories, it’s about time you started eating more superfoods and taking your health to new heights. These foods can help you look and feel better while also tasting great!  

But before you begin, we want to help by debunking some myths about superfoods and sharing how to incorporate them into your diet easily.  

It’s easier than ever to make superfoods part of your daily routine, and you can do it on a budget, too. So set all your assumptions about superfoods aside – let’s get into some practical ways to benefit from these great ingredients. 

Start the Day Right 

Making superfoods a part of your morning is a huge win right out of the gate. We all know that those first 30 minutes of the day are pivotal to our success in the next 24 hours – and nutrition is vital. 

Early birds are lucky because some of the tastiest, most potent superfoods are ideal for breakfast or a light morning snack.  

Try chia seeds in oatmeal or fresh berries in low-fat Greek yogurt. You can get a couple of hundred calories of high-quality fuel in just a few minutes – without weighing yourself down.  

Don’t forget your morning coffee or tea, which can be boosted with collagen protein powder or MCT oil in a snap. You’ll stay full for longer with sustained energy for the most productive part of the day. 

Embrace the Smoothie Lifestyle 

The healthiest people on the planet – from pro athletes to elite influencers – have mastered the art and science of the smoothie. The best part? You can create a unique smoothie for every occasion, depending on your priorities and the superfoods you have on hand. 

For starters, you can craft the ultimate green smoothie containing favorites like spirulina or a greens complex for an antioxidant blast. Fresh fruit, almond milk, and ice make for the best base, and you can always add a dash of superfoods powder for an extra burst of nutrition! 

Not all smoothies need to be full-on meal replacements, of course. Sometimes, a simple 120-calorie drink is what you need to fight off those cravings and stay on track until dinner rolls around for the afternoon. 

Also, remember that post-workout smoothies are highly effective for rapid recovery, ensuring you can jump right back into training without a hitch.  

Get the Most Out of Meal Time 

Your best chance to get superfoods is at lunch and dinner, with more time to prep and space on your plate to play with. This is prime time to enjoy grilled salmon, lean ground bison (undoubtedly a superfood), and vegetarian protein powerhouses like tofu and seitan. 

Side dishes are also ideal for superfoods with creative culinary twists: a light kale salad with sauerkraut, sauteed broccoli rabe, or a medley of dark, rich greens and mushrooms. 

Remember to spice your foods generously when cooking meals to get all the extra benefits of ginger, garlic, various chile peppers, and whatever regional seasonings you can find. 

Superfood Snacks on Deck 

There’s nothing innately wrong with snacking – it’s just that most people reach for greasy, sugary treats instead of munching on the good stuff like superfoods. 

Thankfully, everyday snack foods have taken a much healthier turn and include alternatives to chips, wafers, crunchy legumes, and more. So take a stroll down the snack aisle to see what superfoods are ready to try while keeping an eye on the sodium levels. 

As always, it’s healthier to prep snacks by hand since you know exactly what’s going into each bite. So get used to grabbing handfuls of walnuts, berries, edamame and chickpeas, and other superfood favorites that take a convenient snack form.  

You can also learn to bake protein bites easily, including superfoods like cocoa, chia, figs, dates, etc.  

Supplement to Supercharge 

Some superfoods aren’t exactly appetizing, which makes them hard to incorporate daily.  

That’s why supplements like apple cider vinegar gummies or black seed oil (cumin) capsules are a perfect addition while side-stepping harsh flavors. 

While your primary multivitamin should cover most bases in terms of supplementation, these superfood extras can make a big difference in your metabolism, immunity, and other essential body functions.  

Mix it Up, Keep it Fresh 

The wide variety of superfoods makes this an endlessly enjoyable quest!  

You can add or subtract ingredients based on how you feel each week and watch for new options. The body becomes accustomed quickly, so the novelty is advantageous for both the senses and our system. 

Attain Optimal Health, Starting Now 

The time to be intimidated by superfoods is long gone. So dive in with these practical tips and start the next chapter of your healthy lifestyle. 

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