Offering Rideshare Drivers a Fair Shake: Ziphawk’s Plan to Provide Value for Employees Fair Value for their Work


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The rideshare industry, which has consisted mainly of Via, Uber, and Lyft for the past decade, is ready for disruption, according to Bhawna Patkar, CEO of Ziphawk. While the main players have done a great job in connecting riders in need with drivers who offer taxi services, there are definite glaring problems.? 

One of those issues is pricing. Drivers often complain that they can’t guarantee what they’ll earn and that fares consistently change — even for the same routes. 

Establishing a Fairer Pricing System

Ziphawk is the newest rideshare application to join the market. Beginning in April 2022, the company plans to open up to drivers and riders throughout California. The rideshare app hopes to address some of the problems that it sees with its competitors. One of those problems is pricing. 

Currently, drivers who work for Uber, Lyft, or Via may experience fluctuations in prices for the same routes. In cases where rates suddenly drop, there may be an influx of drivers in the area or fewer riders who need a lift.? 

Surge pricing can occur when there are too many riders and not enough drivers. This surge pricing is common with large events, such as concerts or sports games, or on holiday weekends. Ziphawk seeks to eliminate the fluctuations and offer the same flat rates every time, regardless of arbitrary conditions. 

It’s also common for rideshare companies to charge commissions for each ride that a driver provides. This approach can significantly reduce the earnings of the driver, depending on the commission charge and how long the ride was.? 

Rather than charge commissions, Ziphawk plans to charge a small monthly subscription fee that drivers pay to use the platform. Outside of the subscription fee, the earnings that they receive for rides will be entirely theirs. 

Finally, rather than wait for payouts that come on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, drivers who work for Ziphawk will receive their payment immediately after the ride has finished.? 

This model is similar to that enjoyed by regular taxi drivers, who often collect payment from their riders following the end of a ride. It also makes better fiscal sense, as no company is holding onto money that has already been paid for some time.? 

By implementing these changes to the pricing structure and payment model, Ziphawk hopes to add value for users who choose to drive with the company. It should also be helpful for riders who won’t experience extreme fluctuations in the cost of their ride, allowing them to budget for the rides that they know they will need. 

About Ziphawk

As encouragement to drivers to get behind the wheel, Ziphawk Instant Pay makes weekly paying cycles a thing of the past. Now what the rider pays is what the driver gets, instantly, at the end of each ride. That makes all the difference for drivers, while riders benefit too from having a content driver taking them to their destination.  

Ziphawk leaves nothing to chance when it comes to drivers’ and riders’ safety by going through a very thorough vetting process to make sure the company partners only with the best and safest TNC drivers. Also, by installing 2-way dash cams on drivers and passengers in Ziphawk cars, together with the Ziphawk’s safe monitoring system, drivers and riders are looked after in real-time. Other important features of Ziphawk’s business model include the scheduling of rides for school drop-offs, pick-ups, after school activities, carpools and more; effortless communication between drivers and riders through use of the app to chat directly via call, text or email; the option to book and monitor a friend’s ride; and an ability for riders to share rides. 

Ziphawk also prides itself on 100% investment in local communities. 

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