Cesar Ornelas – 7 Situations Where You Need a Lawyer


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There are some situations in life that require the assistance of a lawyer or legal professional.  Cesar Ornelas is an experienced attorney and entrepreneur based in San Antonio, Texas.  A first-generation college and law school graduate, Cesar Ornelas specializes in personal injury and wrongful death law, and has seen firsthand how swift and effective legal action can change lives.  

These situations can be serious, so having a good lawyer on your side will help you tremendously. For this reason, it is a good idea to get a good lawyer on call, so if the time comes, you will be prepared. 

There are many types of lawyers available, including personal injury lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, criminal lawyers, employment lawyers, and more, so it is important to choose the right representation for your case. 

With numerous verdicts and settlements in the millions of dollars, Cesar Ornelas recommends taking the time to research the best lawyers before you need one. 

Here’s when a lawyer is needed…

1. Divorce

Divorce is not something we like to think about, but it is part of many lives. If a couple mutually agrees to all the terms of a divorce, then a lawyer may not be required. However, if there are disagreements related to children, property, investments, support, and the like, legal representation is highly recommended. 

A divorce lawyer will walk you through the terms of the divorce and the options available to you to avoid costly mistakes and further pain and suffering to all parties involved. A lawyer will help make an already painful and difficult process a lot more bearable. 

2. Workplace Disputes

In many cases, employees do not know their full rights in the workplace and employment law is not always adhered to by companies. This can lead to numerous workplace disputes, ranging from contract disputes to unfair dismissal, to discrimination in the workplace. 

In these situations, you may be best served by legal representation that will defend you against any wrongdoing on the part of your employer. Employers will have strong representation themselves, so you should too. It is important to hire the best employment lawyer that you can to discuss your rights as an employee, and the legal process to file a case. 

3. Lawsuits

If you are being sued for a large amount of money or property, it is advised to consult with a lawyer. In most cases, the other party will also have a lawyer, so you need to attain representation as well. While most of these cases are settled out of court, having an experienced lawyer on your side will certainly help prevent you from suffering a major loss. 

4. Criminal Charges

Facing any criminal charge is scary. You may not be fully aware of your rights in the case of a criminal charge, and a lawyer will need to be contacted to not only defend your case but to protect your rights, whether guilty or not. 


Driving under the influence is a serious crime, with the consequences being huge fines, the loss of your driver’s license, and even jail time; or a combination of the three. If you are arrested while driving under the influence, you must contact an attorney immediately, or as soon as you are released. Your lawyer will meet with the prosecutor and attempt to get any charges reduced to a fine, or completely squashed.  This is especially likely if you are a first-time offender. It is not advised to go to court without a good lawyer unless you are happy to accept the charges. 

Drug charges 

A drug charge is similarly serious, and you would need a good lawyer to defend your case. 

5. Car Accidents

In the event of a car accident that was not your fault and caused injury to your person, you will need an accident lawyer. The other party’s insurance company will try to contact you, but it is important to let your lawyer handle this process. 

An expert attorney knows the law, your rights, and the necessary compensation rates. If you are injured in a car accident, don’t talk to anyone other than the police and the doctors, should you require immediate medical attention. 

6. Wills and Trusts

Family disputes over wills and trusts can get messy. Prevent any drama and unpleasant conflict that may arise after your death by setting up your will or trust with a qualified and reputable attorney. Ideally, you should meet with an attorney to set up your will once you have your first child, and then it should be updated throughout your life as your circumstances change. 

7. Business

Starting a business can be tricky work and a lawyer is required to take care of all the legal requirements. Whether you’re a solo business owner or have partners, unless you have a solid understanding of the legalities, it is almost impossible to navigate it alone. A lawyer who specializes in business law will not only help you with this but also make sure that you are protected. 

When a Lawyer is Not Needed

There are also a few legal situations where a lawyer is not required. This includes: 

Traffic fines – The financial cost of most traffic fines is usually reasonable, so your best bet would be to pay the fine and move on. You will not need a lawyer for this. There are, however, instances where a lawyer would be required. If the ticket means a license suspension or if the offense is serious enough to affect your insurance premiums, a lawyer may be able to help get the ticket reduced, with the only consequence being a fine. 

Small claims court – This is where civil disputes happen – i.e. disputes that do not involve huge sums of money. Cases in small claims courts are usually informal and you are able to represent yourself. You will simply be asked to tell your side of the story and the judge will make a decision. 

Lawsuits you do not want to contest – If you are being sued and are willing to meet the demands of the claimant, you will not need a lawyer. Whether you appear in court or not, you will simply plead no contest. If you fail to appear in court, a summary judgment will be issued against you. 

In most cases, the average person is not privy to the law or even his or her full rights. A lawyer not only ensures your rights are protected in the event of a legal situation but ensures you are defended to the best of his/her abilities and suffer the least amount of damage, pain or loss. 

When choosing a lawyer, consider both their track record and their fee schedule. Cesar Ornelas is an entirely contingency fee-based legal practice, meaning he only gets paid if he wins your case.  


Licensed in Texas, Cesar Ornelas practices law nationwide. If you have any questions, or to learn more, visit https://cesarornelaslaw.com/ or call (855) 710-4912.   

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