Two Ways Natural Suppositories Help With Pain Relief


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Pain from menstrual cramps can be frustrating and inconvenient. Even though we know they come about once a month, there’s still never a perfect time to have discomfort from your menstrual cycle. Or it’s possible that you have pain more than just once a month in your pelvic floor area. If you suffer from pelvic and menstrual discomfort, it’s likely you are looking for some relief. People have found that natural suppositories may ease some of the discomfort you may feel when it comes to pelvic floor conditions and menstrual cycles. Maybe in the past you have tried other methods of relief and now you are looking for something a little more natural. Natural suppositories are designed to specifically target the pelvic area using natural ingredients to provide relief. If you haven’t considered natural suppositories before, it’s time to look into the ways that natural suppositories may help relieve discomfort so you can continue on with your daily activities.   

What Are The Natural Ingredients? 

There are regular suppositories that aren’t made with natural ingredients. Then there are natural suppositories that do have all-natural ingredients. If you are looking for natural suppositories, some of the best ingredients in them are organic cocoa butter and broad-spectrum CBD. Cocoa butter can help relieve burning, itching, and discomfort that may occur around the vaginal or rectal area. If you have discomfort from any of those things, cocoa butter can help support those feelings and begin to soothe the affected areas. It also helps the natural suppository easily melt and begin to provide relief. The broad spectrum CBD is in the natural suppository to help target the areas of discomfort. Broad spectrum CBD is used to help relieve discomfort and increase relaxation in the body. You might wonder if broad spectrum CBD will make you fail a drug test. Broad spectrum CBD is a hemp derivative of the cannabis plant. All levels of THC are filtered out which means it’s non psychoactive and is unlikely to leave traces of marijuana in your system that would make you fail a drug test. Even though the THC is filtered out, the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are still present. These are the components that can help provide the therapeutic effects to relieve discomfort and increase relaxation. When you put cocoa butter and broad spectrum CBD together in a natural suppository, you can experience relief from itching and burning while also feeling more relaxed and relief from discomfort from menstrual cycles and pelvic floor conditions. 

Soothes Tension 

Natural suppositories can provide relief for pelvic floor conditions by helping to relax and soothe tension in the pelvic area. Broad spectrum CBD can support the relaxation of muscles. This is another way that natural suppositories can help naturally provide relief since they are designed for vaginal and anal use. 

How Do I Use A Natural Suppository? 

Natural suppositories are one of the simplest options for pelvic and menstrual discomfort because they are easy to insert. You can simply insert them into the vagina or anal and they will begin to automaticlly melt. As they melt, your body will absorb the natural ingredients and you can begin to find relief from cramping and discomfort. It’s best to insert the suppository as deeply as possible to make sure all the ingredients can be absorbed and it doesn’t fall back out. The best way to do this is to elevate your hips to open up the pelvic area enough for you to deeply insert the suppository. Once you stand, you might find that some of the oil may drip out of your body. Although this is normal with the natural suppository melting, you might want to be prepared by wearing a liner or a tampon. Although it can provide quicker relief, you will need to give it some time to melt and absorb into the local tissues in order to feel the effects of the cocoa butter and broad spectrum CBD. If you are using natural suppositories for your menstrual cycle, then inserting a suppository just before or when cramping starts is recommended for best results. 

What About Sex? 

Some people wonder if the natural suppositories affect their sex life. Because the suppositories contain all-natural oils, they can affect condoms that aren’t oil-safe if you insert before sex. It’s best to use oil-safe alternatives to latex for best results when using a condom because the oil-based melts can degrade the latex. Some options may include polyurethane or nitrile condoms that major condoms brands do offer. This is to help with protection from STIs and pregnancy during sex. 

Relief from Menstrual and Pelvic Discomfort 

Natural Suppositories can help relieve discomfort in two ways. They can help with menstrual cramps and discomfort as well as pelvic floor conditions by soothing tension and providing relief. They are made with all-natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and broad spectrum CBD that can help support discomfort from itching, burning, cramping, and tension. Natural suppositories are easy to insert and are a simple way to provide relief from those painful menstrual cycles and pelvic floor conditions.  

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