Are Semi Cured Gel Nails Worth It? Four Things You Should Know


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Everyone seems to be talking about semi cured gel nails these days, and they are only getting more popular. Now, before we answer the question of whether semi cured gel nails are worth it, you might be wondering what exactly they are. Semi cured gel nails are thin strips of gel polish that have been 60% cured. This means that they are flexible and can mold to fit your nails, but they are sturdy enough to remain intact while being peeled from the gel nail sheet. Once the nail strips are 100% cured, they are then fully hardened and attached to your nails. They look and feel just like a salon manicure, if not better!  

The question that many of you might be asking yourselves is, “Are semi cured gel nails worth it?” Today, we will tell you four things you should know about semi cured gel nails and hopefully convince you that the answer is yes; they are so worth it!    


One of the many perks of using semi cured gel nails is that they are very affordable! Although going out to the nail salon for a manicure might be fun, today it costs upwards of $50. Not many people have that kind of pocket change just laying around.  

Getting your nails done is fun and one of the sweet details of life, but it’s not everything. There are so many other beautiful things to enjoy in life, and any money saved on your nails can help you enjoy those things in life even more. Ohora nail kits cost approximately one-third of what you would pay for a manicure at a nail salon and look just as stunning. The affordability of semi cured gel nail kits is just one of the many reasons why they are worth buying, especially when compared to super expensive manicures.  

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In addition to being affordable, making the transition from nail salon manicures (or painting your nails yourself) to semi cured gel nails will free up so much of your precious time. Allow us to tell you what we mean by this. When getting a manicure at a nail salon, there are so many different steps in the process that take up time. These include setting up the appointment, making sure you’re free at that specific time, driving to the salon, waiting in the waiting area, and then sitting there while your nails are getting done. When you add them all up, these seemingly small things can take up a big chunk of time!   

You might be thinking to yourself, “Can’t I just paint my nails on my own and save time that way?” Using semi cured gel nails is an even better solution than painting your nails, because while you are painting your nails, you will not be able to do anything with your hands for quite a while. You’ll need to allow your nails to dry for a substantial amount of time, and even this can take up an annoyingly large portion of your day.  

This is where semi cured gel nails come to the rescue. They are super convenient to apply, and they will also look so much more flawless than painting them yourself. All you need to do to get the convenient manicure of your dreams is order your semi cured gel nail kit, apply and trim, fully cure them, and then they are ready to be shown off to the world! Semi cured gel nails are so worth it, especially when it comes to all the time and effort that they save.  

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You won’t be missing out on any of the quality when you use semi cured gel nails. Ohora’s semi cured gel nail kits are of especially great quality in regard to both safe ingredients and sturdiness.  

The nail kits are toxin-free and use ISO quality-certified hazard-free materials. Say goodbye to the harsh chemicals found in cheap nail polish! Additionally, the sturdiness and feel of the nails themselves are luxurious. Each semi cured gel nail has a triple-layered volume, consisting of different gel layers for the base, color, and top of the nail. This ensures high-quality thickness and helps the nails to remain strong and intact for as long as possible. When fully cured, ohora semi cured gel nails will feel just as firm as a full set of gel nails you would get from your local nail salon. These nails are very high-quality, so it makes sense that ohora is the #1 bestselling gel nail brand in Japan and Korea!  

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Stunning Designs 

Semi cured gel nails open up a whole new world of nail designs! Because they come 60% cured already, semi cured gel nails are solid enough to include gold foil, gems, and other details placed on them you wouldn’t otherwise be able to put on your nails. Additionally, ohora’s nail designs are patented and exclusive, so you won’t find these designs anywhere else. One of the reasons why semi cured gel nails are worth it is that you have dozens of beautiful nail designs to choose from, and you are bound to find the nail kit that matches you perfectly.  

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Back to the question of whether semi cured gel nails are worth it. If you care about spending your money and time well, having high-quality nails that will look flawless for days, and showing off gorgeous nails that fit your style, then yes, semi cured gel nails are worth it! If you haven’t used semi cured gel nails yet, try an ohora nail kit for yourself, and you’ll never want to do your nails any other way again! 

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