4 Reasons eCommerce Websites Need a Good Search Bar


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Have customers complained that it’s just too difficult to find what they want on your eCommerce website lately? Have your sales been dropping because no one knows where to find what they want? 

Maybe your products or services are pretty high-quality, but you still need a way to make sure people can find them to make more sales possible for you and your business team. And it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think to find excellent, easy-to-use, cost-effective options for your eCommerce site. 

Many sites see the positive aspects of having a great quality search bar on their eCommerce websites and domains, and you might be in an excellent place to start considering one as well. But what are the big reasons why you need a search bar? It’s certainly not just making your items easier to find. 

Improve User Experiences (UX) 

User experience is a big part of ensuring potential customers will want to come back to your website to browse (or even buy something from you) again and again. But how is that relevant to getting your website a shiny new search bar? 

That’s pretty simple. If customers find what they’re looking for more quickly, they’re more likely to have a positive experience and see what you’re offering. It’s simply making it easier for your eCommerce site to fulfill their wants and needs, enticing them and making them much more likely to buy from you and eventually return to browse again. 

Reducing the Time That You Deal with Customer Complaints 

Customers will often find it necessary to let you know something is subpar about your website experience. That’s why worrying about user experience, as is mentioned above, is so vitally important. 

By making your eCommerce website easier to traverse, you’re making it much less likely that potential customers will be upset. This is mainly because they’ll be much more likely to find the items they want, they won’t be able to complain about a prominent search bar not being visible to them, and they won’t begin to associate your website with frustration or malice. 

Instead, they’ll be more likely to have neutral or positive associations with your website and products if they experience fewer hiccups on your eCommerce site. 

Cause an Increase in Sales with an eCommerce Search Bar 

Additionally, customers are much more likely to walk away from your website if you provide them with a high-quality product.  

However, building off of the last section, a search bar will make it, so customers are far more likely to find the items or services they went to your website. And if they get a great product from you that gives them a positive impression, they’ll be more likely to return to your website and buy again. 

However, those sales are much less likely to happen if you don’t have a great eCommerce search bar tool added to your website. That’s mainly because potential customers and website users will not be as likely to find the items they were initially looking for when they decided to click onto your site. 

But the positive aspect of an eCommerce search bar is the potential for increased sales on your website and repeat customers because of more positive user experiences on your company’s eCommerce site.  

Yes, a positive user experience has that large of an impact on whether or not someone will check out with a purchase. However, customer experiences can be extremely fickle, and a frustrating website experience can truly push potential customers and leads away from trusting your business. 

Learn What’s Recent and Trending on Your Site 

One of the most exciting parts of embedding an eCommerce search bar onto your sale site is that you can collecting more information from customer searches, specifically.  

Many search bar extensions for websites will give you access to the key phrases site visitors have looked up on your site’s search bar, which makes it much easier for you to discern a lot of crucial information. This is information that your marketing department can use, as well as other departments who come up with product and service ideas that will be launched onto the site. 

This can easily give you insights into what potential customers are looking for, in terms of categories or even individual items, when they come onto your site. Additionally, it can give you a better idea of what is trendy for particular periods and ranges of time, depending on how you filter out information. 

Your marketing team can also use this kind of information to its advantage, putting out advertisements for the items you want to increase your popularity. Alternatively, they could also increase ads related to products or services your company wants to be a go-to source for, whether a particular item or niche market. 

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