5 Reasons You Need To Wear Safety Goggles


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For professionals in many fields, your eyes are as important as the people, animals, and vehicles you work with. Keep your eyes safe from on-the-job dangers with safety glasses designed to protect your vision without compromising your style. Doing your research to find a pair that matches your safety needs and style will make you buy a pair you want to wear. Here are five reasons why you need to wear safety goggles:   

1. Don’t miss out on work

Did you know that if you sustain an eye-related injury, you’ll likely miss work. Of the 2,000 eye injuries sustained on the job each day, about 100 of them result in missed work. Missed work means less income and rearranging schedules for yourself, your coworkers, and even your customers. Of course, there is also the potential for a visit to the emergency room, which could set you back hundreds to thousands of dollars in the United States. In addition, if you sustain an eye injury, it could negatively impact your career. Your vision is crucial to your success for many types of professionals across various industries. Sustaining an eye-related injury could negatively affect your career and your future. All this could be avoided by investing in safety glasses or prescription safety goggles to replace your everyday glasses.  

2. Enjoy safe and clear vision

If you’ve tried to wear safety goggles in the past and were disappointed that they immediately fogged up, don’t give up. Anti-fog technology can help keep you on task and improve safety goggle-wearing habits. Invest in a pair of safety glasses covered with an anti-fog coating, and keep some anti-fog drops in your pocket to ensure clear vision while on the job. No matter what the climate or humidity level, your goggles won’t fog and block your vision. They hold up against stress and sweat for even your most nerve-wracking work situation. 

Modern safety goggles can also include your prescription lenses. Instead, opt for safety goggles that can be ordered with your corrective lens prescription. Then, you’ll see clearly and won’t have to stuff your fancy frames under your protective goggles.  

3. All-around safety

If you’re wondering, “Won’t my regular glasses protect me?” The short answer is kind of. Your eyeglasses can offer some protection, but they don’t offer the same type of protection that safety goggles do. Safety goggles protect the sides of your eyes. Side shields protect your eyes where regular glasses have a large gap. Safety goggles also have top shields that protect your eyes where your eyeglasses gap near your eyebrows. To ensure the utmost protection, invest in a pair of safety glasses designed to keep you safe in various situations. 

4. Block Blue Light and UV Rays

Your job involves time spent outside, looking at a computer screen, completing data entry duties, or combining the two. When entering digitized reports, your eyes are exposed to blue light. Blue light emits by the sun and from devices like tablets and smartphones. Blue light can damage your eyes, causing headaches and eye strain. Blue light-blocking lenses can help protect your eyes from blue light.  

Ultraviolet rays damage your vision and may cause early-onset vision loss due to macular degeneration. The use of UV light to sterilize tools is common in many industries. Your eyes should be protected every time you use a UV tool.  

5. Accessorize with safety

If it’s been a while since you’ve worn a pair of safety goggles, you likely have the old clunky design in your mind. Safety glasses have come so far and can even aid your work style. Do your research to find a pair with a shape that fits your face and color to match your favorite pair of scrubs or your everyday work uniform. Some styles are so fashionable that you’ll likely wear them outside work and during daily activities like grocery shopping or brunch with your friends. Studies have shown that when we look better, we do better. People who wear uniforms rejoice! You no longer have to pick between protection and style. 

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