What Exactly is Concentrated Coffee?

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We’re busy. There’s just no other way to put it; life is a constant stream of activity, moving from one place to the next, accomplishing task after task, until it’s time to go to bed and start all over again the next day. 

How do you start the day? If you’re reading this, it’s to be assumed that you, too, prefer to start your morning with a nice cup of coffee. As I write this, it’s summertime, and when I face a day filled with a slew of tasks, a delicious iced coffee with almond milk is that proverbial carrot at the end of the stick that gets my body up and out of bed.  

Recently, I was introduced to concentrated coffee — something I had never heard of before. 

“Is it like espresso?” I thought to myself, pulling out my phone and doing a quick Goole search. 

The answer is truly right in the name — it’s coffee, brewed extremely strong with the express purpose of diluting it.  

The thing that makes this drink so unique is the sheer versatility of it. Good quality concentrated coffees produce about one good size cup of coffee per tablespoon, equalling about 30 servings per bottle.   

That’s a lot of bean power packed into one tiny bottle. But the versatility extends further because you can make your coffee exactly how you like it. Is it a chilly, rainy morning? Heat up some milk (oat, almond, soy, cow, goat, whatever milk you fancy) and pour your desired amount of concentrated coffee into your most comfy mug. Boom, you wake up feeling warm and comfy. 

Conversely, it’s a blazing hot July morning. You slept with the windows open last night, but your skin is already coated in a thin veil of sweat from the sun beating through your window. You take a lukewarm, almost cold shower to scrub the sheen off your body. You get dressed, head to the kitchen, and fill a tall glass with ice, milk (your favorite kind!), and a tablespoon of coffee concentrated, take that first glorious sip, and start your morning. 

You could also add it to your protein shakes, make your own frappes, or any other coffee concoction that makes your tastebuds sing! 

If you’re still wondering how it works, I totally understand. Here’s how my favorite brand breaks down the science of this up-and-coming way to consume your morning cup of joe. 

First, find coffee sourced from only the finest beans (bonus points if they come from places world-renowned for their coffee beans).  

Coffee sourced from Central America and Columbia is by far what coffee connoisseurs and high-end coffee shops look for when it comes to sourcing their beans. And when that bean is 100% Arabica, then the quality increases even further.   

Once you have the best beans, it’s time to extract the concentrate. 

When you start looking for companies that sell concentrated coffee, pay close attention to their extraction process. If they haven’t quite crafted their process yet, you’ll end up with sediment and coffee grounds mixed in with the concentrate. While you may be used to that with freshly ground coffee, concentrates shouldn’t have high levels of this, it takes away from its overall flavor and freshness.  

From farm to bottle, high standards are evident.   

A lot of companies are beginning to sell coffee concentrate, but only some are dedicating themselves to the highest standards. If it’s your first time trying coffee concentrate or you’re looking for a new brand, make sure you read the reviews to sift out those companies not living up to the hype. 

Remember my first thought when I heard about coffee concentrates?: “Is it like espresso?”  

I wasn’t necessarily wrong.  

Espresso is also concentrated coffee. The difference being in order to make espresso, there are a lot of steps. First, you need a special machine, super ground-up beans, and oftentimes it can be really messy. While sure, it’s a great way to start the morning, it’s not exactly the most streamlined way to get your caffeine kick — especially if it takes a village to get yourself and your family out the door.   

So having your concentrated coffee already in liquid form, saves so many steps and clean-up. No more coffee grounds littering your countertop! 

And pro tip: There are flavoring options. So you don’t have to give up your favorite french vanilla iced coffee or warm mocha chocolate latte. 

 I simply can’t say enough good things about this coffee trend. Between the time-saving element, the creative liberties you can take in creating your favorite drink, and the easy to no clean up it consists of, switching to concentrated coffee was a no-brainer for me.   

But again, look for companies that only use the highest quality beans and have their extraction process solidified; it really does make a world of difference.  

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