Why Is My Dog Licking Their Paws: 3 Things To Know


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Owning a pet is one of the simplest joys of life. These four-legged companions are one of the most satisfying pets to have because of their deep sense of loyalty and unconditional love. Even the most social dogs who have never met strangers still know who their owner is. Millions of people have enjoyed the journey of being a dog parent.   

While owning a dog can significantly impact your life, there are hard sides to this relationship. No matter how much you love your doggo and how well you treat them, the truth is that these canine best friends will grow old and eventually pass away. This is the sober side of owning a pet, but it’s also the part about owning a dog that comes with a lot of honor and respect. It’s an honor to love a dog from its puppy-hood to its old age and responsibility. 

One thing that dogs are well known for is hiding any kind of problems they may be having. In part, this is simply how dogs are, but they are also loyal and want to serve, so it can be hard for them to communicate that they have a problem. However, there are sure signs that, as a pet owner, you will begin to train yourself to look for. While there are trained behaviors, like your dog indicating that it’s out of the water or that it needs to go outside, there are other behaviors that you can train yourself to see. These are signs that maybe your canine companion is struggling and needs help.  

Some signs are very passive, such as not drinking the usual amount of water or eating the usual amount of food. This can sometimes go on for a day or two before you notice, but it’s a sign you should not ignore. One sign that your dog might need some medical attention is that they lick their paws an unusual amount. This can mean that your dog is starting to show early signs of arthritis, which is common in older dogs.   

If your dog is licking its paws a lot, here are three things to know. 

1. It’s Normal to Some Extent 

The purpose of this article is not to scare you into taking your dog to the vet every time it licks its paws. For dogs, this can be a ubiquitous, even daily, part of their self-grooming. Not only that, but it’s thought that dogs do this to soothe themselves. Therefore, you should only be concerned when this happens on a noticeably excessive level. Even then, check your dog’s paws as there could be a foreign object like a thorn, rock, or piece of wood splintered into their paw. If this is not the case, then taking your dog to the vet will provide you with the peace of mind you need and help possibly catch an early diagnosis of arthritis.  

2. Is Canine Arthritis Something to be Worried About? 

Of course, you want your furry best friend to have the best health possible; however, arthritis in dogs isn’t uncommon. This can be caused by several factors such as old injuries, trauma, or even congenital disorders like hip dysplasia which is common in larger breed dogs. A dog may also develop arthritis from simple wear and tear as some dogs live active lifestyles.  

While arthritis can cause a lot of discomfort for your canine companion, the good news is that there are ways of treating their symptoms and helping manage their discomfort.  

3. CBD For Dogs Can Help 

Dog CBD is one method of treating canine arthritis you should talk to your vet about. Derived from hemp, CBD interacts naturally with your dog’s ECS, which stands for the endocannabinoid system. This system of receptors is one of the largest found in mammals and is deeply related to the ability to maintain homeostasis. It is thought that this incredible, natural system helps the body fight off issues of discomfort and inflammation.  

CBD has been clinically shown in scientific studies to help canines. In addition, this natural remedy helps promote your dog’s natural pathways that deal with pain, discomfort, and inflammation in a way that can significantly impact your dog’s arthritis. 


Having a dog grow old and get arthritis is no fun for you or your dog. It can be hard seeing such faithful and loving companions deal with discomfort, but with the help of CBD for dogs, you can naturally improve your dog’s pain and discomfort. 


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