Bored on FaceTime? Here are 15 Things To Spice Up Your Video Chats


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Whether you are in a long-distance relationship, you live far away from family, or you are looking for ways to keep in touch with friends, FaceTime is a great tool for staying connected with the people you care about most. However, sometimes it can get a little old just to talk about your day via video chat, especially if you talk every day or very often. That is why it is great to have ideas for fun things to do over FaceTime tucked in your back pocket for when you want to shake things up.  

No matter where your loved ones might be in the world, video chatting provides an excellent way to maintain your relationships and keep building special bonds. If you are looking for interesting and entertaining ways to make FaceTime more fun, keep reading below for 15 ways to spice up your video chats.  

For Couples 

For couples who live in different cities, or even different states, finding ways to connect, communicate, and share good times together is important. Of course, this can be difficult. Fortunately, video chatting provides a quick and easy way to call your partner and share a face-to-face conversation. For fun ways to spend your FaceTime “dates,” try these simple yet enjoyable and even romantic suggestions:  

  • Cook a Meal Together: If food is the key to both your hearts, there’s no better way to virtually hang out than by cooking together. Pick a new recipe you both will love, and go through the process of cooking dinner over FaceTime together. Then, sit and enjoy what you cooked up together.  
  • Watch a Movie Together: Nothing says cozy date night like a good movie. Pick a movie neither of you has seen, then grab the popcorn and watch it “together.”  
  • Take Each Other on a Virtual Adventure: Surprise each other by taking your partner on an adventure around your home cities – a picnic, your favorite hike, a walk on the beach, anything!  
  • Share Your Favorite Memories: A great way to get to know each other better is by sharing memories from your past. Take turns telling each other special times you had as you grew up.  
  • Do an At-Home Wine Tasting: You can’t have romance without wine! Have some fun over video chat by conducting an at-home wine tasting. Buy the same bottles of wine and try them all together.  

For Family Members 

Live far away from your favorite family members? Can’t make the family reunion? Then it is time to have fun over FaceTime. Here are some ideas for shaking things up next time you video chat with your loved ones.  

  • Do a Puzzle Together: Order the same puzzle online, then get on a video call and solve it together!  
  • Draw or Paint: A great way to make a FaceTime call more fun is by embracing your creative side and getting crafty. Get some canvases and paint them while you chat. Then, show your finished masterpiece at the end of your call and judge who did it best! 
  • Bake a Family Recipe: There’s nothing quite as special as family traditions passed down through the generations. Bake a family recipe over video chat together and indulge in the comfort food.  
  • Have a Virtual Game night: Did someone say family game night? Hop on a group video call with your family and get out the cards, Pictionary, or trivia!  
  • Host a Virtual Book Club: Order the same book a few weeks in advance of your video call, then schedule a time to discuss the story you read.  

For Friends 

Fostering meaningful friendships is essential. Keep in touch with your friends with these fun FaceTime ideas: 

  • Play “Would You Rather”: This classic game is the ultimate way to laugh with your favorite people. Get into a heated battle of “Would You Rather” questions.  
  • Go Through Old Photos: We experience some of the best times in our lives with good friends. Spend your video all going through old photos so you can reminisce on your fun times together. 
  • Have a FaceTime Fashion Show: If you and your bestie are obsessed with all things shopping, share your newest clothing purchases. Then, work together to plan what occasions you’ll wear them for.  
  • Play a Card Game: Uno, Go Fish, Poker, and anything in between. Both of you bring a deck of cards to the FaceTime call, then face off in a match of cards. The loser has to buy a plane ticket to visit the winner!  
  • Watch a Livestream Show Together: Have a favorite musician, comedian, or play in common? Get on a call and watch a live stream of the upcoming event you both wish you could be at together.  

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