How Does a Sleep Patch Work: Here’s What You Should Know

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There are many different kinds of sleep patches that include a wide array of ingredients. Some Sleep patch are all natural and others contain various supplements into the body via the skin. Many people have said that sleep patches are far superior to sleeping pills as they absorb slower, are non-habit forming and help you stay asleep all night. Here are a few things you should know about what sleep patches are and how they work. 

Helps people struggling with sleep disorders 

Sleep patches aren’t just for people who want to experience a deeper sleep. They can be a great tool for those that struggle with serious sleep disorders. Many people with sleeping issues can’t produce enough melatonin on their own, so a supplement helps their body make the necessary chemicals needed to make a person feel sleepy. The great thing about sleep patches is that they’re non-habit forming, so people with chronic issues can rest easy knowing they won’t become dependent on their sleep remedy.  

Cost effective sleep aid 

Not only do sleep patches provide relief to people with persistent sleep issues, they’re also a cost effective sleep aid. Sleeping pills can be rather expensive, but many brands of sleep patches on the market are very affordable and won’t break the bank if you need to use them often. As always, do your research to find a patch that will work best for your and your desired outcome. You don’t want to buy the cheapest sleep patch you can find online because it might not include enough ingredients to help you sleep well which could render your investment as basically useless.  

Most sleep patches contain natural ingredients 

If you’ve been reluctant to try other sleep aids due to their long list of non-natural ingredients, you can rejoice in knowing that many sleep patches are made with all natural ingredients. Not all sleep patches are made equal, but most of the patches you’ll find on the market include things like melatonin and mandarin, sweet marjoram, lavender and vetiver essential oils. These ingredients are safe to use and even smell great – talk about a win win! Some sleep patches are even marketed towards kids who need help falling asleep at bedtime. These can come in cute shapes and designs with kid friendly scents.  

Skin patches absorb slower  

A major complaint about sleeping pills is how fast they dissolve in a person’s stomach. Because sleeping pills dissolve so quickly, the active ingredient inside doesn’t last for very long which can lead to sleeping pill users waking up in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep. People who use sleep patches have said that they have no problem getting to sleep and staying asleep because the active ingredients in the patches slowly release all night long so that you can wake up feeling refreshed after getting a good night’s sleep. 

Easy to apply 

Many people around the world struggle with the act of taking a pill. So what happens if you’re completely desperate for a good night’s sleep but aren’t really comfortable with using sleeping pills? Sleep patches, of course! All you do is get in your pajamas, complete your bedtime routine, peel and stick to your arm. If you tend to move around a lot while you sleep, you can also put the sticker on your bed frame if it is an essential oil based patch. Other patches will need to be affixed onto your skin. 

Great for travelers 

Jet lag is a bummer, but it can be especially awful if you struggle with sleeping problems while at home. Sleep patches are lightweight and don’t take up much space in your luggage, making them great for travelers of all kinds. No matter if you’re heading to the frozen tundra for mountaineering or hitting the beach for a girls trip, keeping sleep patches in your bag will come in handy eventually. You never know when you’ll be stranded at an airport overnight and in need of some sweet sleep relief. 

Make working the night shift bearable  

Working early mornings or overnight shifts can make you feel like the shell of a human being. From the bizarre sleep schedule to reduced time hanging out with friends and family, early mornings, late nights and overnight shifts aren’t for the faint of heart. Whether you’re just getting started working these wild hours or are a seasoned professional who needs an extra nudge when getting to sleep, a sleep patch can be a wonderful addition to your bedtime routine. Take a bath, do your skin care, drink some tea and stick on a sleep patch as you lie down for some much needed rest. Sounds great, right? After you purchase some sleep patches, you should also look into some blackout curtains to help give you the best sleeping environment possible.  

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