Sameday Health Makes Virtual Urgent Care a Reality for Clients in Select States


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Sameday Health facilitates easy-to-navigate virtual urgent care to meet the evolving needs of clients, available in CA, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. 

Today, most Americans no longer rely on a primary care physician to assess their health concerns. Instead, turning to urgent care when they need medical attention has become the norm.  

Historically, urgent care centers have provided a convenient and affordable solution for everyday medical concerns. However, Sameday Health, a nation-wide healthcare provider that offers same-day healthcare, is transforming the client experience even further by offering virtual urgent care appointments and house calls for clients across the United States.   

Sameday Health Virtual Urgent Care

Sameday Health was founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As people avoided non-essential medical appointments and the healthcare industry was forced to implement social distancing guidelines, Sameday Health developed a platform that delivered same-day health services to clients from the comfort of their homes. These services include COVID-19 testing, IV drips, wellness injections, as well as same-day virtual urgent care. 

Sameday Health’s virtual urgent care appointments allow clients to receive immediate, personalized care from medical professionals – without  uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing waiting rooms. Their medical expertise and commitment to providing individualized service ensures clients with urgent health needs receive the very best care when they need it.  

Currently, two services are available through Sameday Health virtual urgent care: Sameday Cold + Flu and Sameday Travel. 

Sameday Cold + Flu 

Sameday Cold + Flu is designed to speed up clients’ recovery and support them with the services they need to get get healthier faster. Clients can select from any of the following services:  

  • Symptomatic therapy: Sameday Health professionals can assist clients in the diagnosis and treatment of cold and flu symptoms. For example, they can consult clients on which over-the-counter medication they should consider using to treat a fever, runny nose, coughing, or a sore throat.  
  • COVID-19 re-testing: Clients who have tested for COVID-19 at home may find it comforting to confirm the results with a Sameday Health professional. Virtual urgent care allows them to do so. Re-testing is vital if a client’s symptoms worsen or return after ending isolation. 
  • Consult for IV drip therapy: Clients can also receive a consult for IV drip therapy using virtual urgent care. During the consultation, Sameday Health providers work with the client to identify the best treatment to meet their health and wellness needs. 

Sameday Health clients appreciate the ability to access urgent care virtually. For example, Raj P. shares,  “I’m so thankful I’ve been able to see my doctor virtually about my flu symptoms, especially during Omicron [when] I wasn’t feeling comfortable going into the doctor’s office. Thanks for such a speedy and efficient service, Sameday!” 

Sameday Travel 

Sameday Travel is designed to keep everyone healthy and enjoying life while away from home. Through this service, clients can connect with a Sameday Health provider to receive a consultation on which medications are right to pack for any trip. For example, medical professionals can advise on a traveler’s diarrhea treatment, nausea and vomiting medication, sea sickness prevention, and altitude sickness prevention.   

In a world battered by the pandemic, as different counties, states, and countries differ in their COVID-19 precautions and restrictions, anxiety about travel remains high. Being able to consult with a medical professional about which precautions to take while traveling can provide peace of mind for many clients.  

Amy S. explains, “Without fail, I always seem to get sick when I travel with the change in diet, sleep, time change, etc. So being able to have the proper treatment in my arsenal to address the symptoms prior to and during my travels [is] a total game-changer…” 

Benefits of Sameday Health Virtual Urgent Care

In addition to peace of mind when traveling, Sameday Health virtual urgent care in select states offers clients numerous benefits. Below are some of the most common:   

  • Unlimited Access: Virtual appointments can happen anywhere – from home, in a hotel room, at the office, etc. A client only needs a quiet space and a few minutes to talk with a medical professional over a video call. Virtual urgent care is especially great for clients living in rural areas where they don’t have easy access to healthcare services. 
  • Convenience: Virtual urgent care provides a convenient alternative for clients experiencing acute but non-life-threatening illnesses who don’t feel comfortable leaving their homes. Virtual visits are beneficial when clients’ busy schedules prevent them from going into a physical medical facility. Client Gina S. expresses her gratitude, stating, “I?wasn’t feeling very well and my doctor was able to diagnose the flu from afar and prescribe me a care plan to address symptoms that was easy to follow. [The] best part is, I didn’t have to leave the house for it once.”
  • Safety: With virtual urgent care visits, clients never have to worry about having safe access to necessary healthcare services. Virtual care became critically important during the outbreak of COVID-19, as clients could continue to get the care they needed without subjecting themselves to greater risk. Virtual healthcare is the ultimate way to to obtain convenient and trustworthy medical care without the risk of exposure.  

Getting the Care You Deserve

Scheduling an appointment with a Sameday Health provider can be completed in a few simple steps.   

Prospective clients can simply connect with a provider through the company’s website or app. They are prompted to select their location and a convenient time for an appointment. Clients are then asked for a few personal details, including their name, email, birthday, phone number, and address. Once they have provided this information, they are redirected to complete a brief intake form. This form gives Sameday Health professionals better insight into the client’s medical history, ensuring they offer nothing but high-quality care.  

After booking an appointment, the client receives a confirmation email with an invitation to create an Elation Passport to an all-access client portal where the client can access the provider’s notes, lab results, and messages to and from the care team. Clients also receive an invitation (via email and text) to click a Zoom link to the virtual appointment.  

Once they click the link, they’ll be guided to a virtual waiting room until their appointment time. The virtual care visit is approximately 20 minutes.  

If it is medically necessary to prescribe or refill medication, Sameday Health medical professionals can do so. Sameday Health offers two options for obtaining medication: 1) pick up their prescriptions at the pharmacy of their choice, or 2) use Sameday Health’s partner courier pharmacy, Capsule, which offers same-day delivery of medications to the client’s door. 

Every virtual urgent care appointment costs $50 and is considered an out-of-pocket service. However, some medications may be covered by a client’s insurance.  

If clients need to reschedule an appointment, they are asked to send an email or call at least 24 hours before the appointment time. If a cancellation occurs within the 24 hours before the appointment, a $50 charge is requested. 

Commenting on the booking process, client Linda G. states, “[Sameday Health has] friendly, helpful, and professional staff! [I] liked that you can book appointments online, so no wait.” David M. concurs, “[Sameday Health offers] very fast and efficient scheduling and procedures. I’m quite impressed.”  

Sameday Health Transforming Today’s Healthcare

Sameday Health is every client’s home for transformative healthcare, including virtual urgent care. While the service first emerged as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s staying power as social distancing rules subside is largely a result of the positive, convenient, and comfortable client experience.  

In addition to providing virtual urgent care, Sameday Health also offers COVID-19 testing, IV drips, and wellness injections to help support clients’ whole-body needs and promote a safe return to “normal.” Selina G. shares her experience, explaing, “I’ve tried out other on-demand virtual care companies, but nothing beats the quality, price, and efficiency of Sameday [Health] virtual [urgent] care. Within 24 hours, I was able to meet with my doctor and get a care plan for my cold.” 

About Sameday Health 

Sameday Health is a leading national healthcare provider, blending innovative technology with the human element to create a comprehensive client-first healthcare experience. Serving clients virtually and in-person at one of many clinic locations, Sameday Health offers personalized care that accommodates client needs.  

After opening in Venice, CA at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sameday Health has honed in on filling gaps in the existing healthcare system, including in the areas of testing, wellness, and proactive care.  

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