How to Style a Short Corset Dress

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Corsets have made a dramatic return in the fashion world, and we are completely obsessed. Corsets were originally designed to enhance a woman’s curvy figure, and today designers are reinterpreting them with a modern twist. Generally, a short corset dress is cut in a form-fitting silhouette and can be worn casually or formally. Nowadays, corsets are no longer viewed as a supporting garment but rather as a fashion statement.  

short white dress with corset

How to Style a Short Corset Dress 

Jackets and Blazers

Blazers were once thought of as something like a suit jacket for men. Now, this menswear-inspired piece belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. Blazers are not only highly versatile but also the perfect piece to add to a short corset dress for a touch of timelessness and class. Additionally, if you choose a dress in neutral colors, the contrast achieved between a leather jacket’s gloss and the dress’s matte will look stunning. Conversely, denim jackets are perfect for dressing down a more formal-looking dress, making you appear more casual without sacrificing the classy element you’re going for. 


A flat shoe that hits right above your ankle still lets you show off lots of leg without throwing your proportions out of balance. It also helps to ground a sexy short corset dress and give you a casual look. On the other hand, knee-high boots are stylish and versatile and pair perfectly with a short corset dress, whether that’s a night out or a weekend brunch. You can also dress up your girly look with combat boots this season to create a masculine-feminine look. 

Belt It Up

Accessories can either add elegance and formality to an outfit or infuse it with a more casual feel. When choosing accessories for your short corset dress, it’s important to consider the occasion. Your short corset dress can be styled with a chunky belt to give you the perfect hourglass figure. Combining these styles works well because each article serves a specific purpose, which allows you to put together an eye-catching look that will have people talking about your sense of style for years to come. If you want to make a bold statement, belt your corset dress. 

Stockings and Hosiery  

Hosiery can take your short corset dress to the next level and is a must-have accessory when wearing a corset dress. There are a variety of styles available, and choosing the right one for your short corset dress will be wearing will depend on how you plan to wear it. When wearing hosiery under a short corset dress, you will want this accessory to stand out. Ideally, you should choose hosiery with a more glamorous and eye-catching design. 


Purses, clutches, and totes not only do they contain all the essentials one needs for the day, but they can also make or break an outfit. How do you pair your handbag with your short corset dress then? When choosing colors, choose colors with contrasting (yet complementary) or slightly different hues. For example, don’t carry a bag in the exact same shade as your dress. However, if you want to go monochrome, choose a bag in a darker or lighter shade. Be sure to be matching, not clashing. Textures are lovely, but an excess of leopard prints can easily become an eyesore. Don’t overlook the hardware, such as metallic details. Ideally, gold hardware should be paired with gold accessories, silver with silver, and so on. Just be sure to strike a balance without going over the top. 

Hair and Make-Up  

Don’t forget hair and make-up also contribute to the overall style of your short corset dress. If you want a casual look, keep your make-up simple and natural, and opt for a simple hairstyle, such as a braid or ponytail – or just let your hair flow freely. Remember, a key principle of fashion, especially for a casual look, is to keep it simple. Depending on the effect you’re going for, make your dress the center of attention while keeping the rest of the outfit fairly simple. 

It’s All About Balance 

No matter what the length or cut of your dress, the most important thing when creating your look is to strike a balance between the inherent elegance of a short corset dress and the comfort of a more casual style. The key lies in the mix of accessories: if, for example, the dress is more on the formal side, combine it with trendy combat boots or a casual, low-key bag to reduce its formality. On the other hand, if your dress is rather simple and informal, you can dress it up by adding a blazer, some fancy hosiery, or a stylish belt. 


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