Jason Roy, Reece Topley and Laurie Evans speak about their cricket teammates


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It’s always interesting to hear what professional cricketers have to say about their teammates. Recently, Jason Roy, Reece Topley, and Laurie Evans spoke about some of the players they’ve shared a dressing room with.

The trio said that they feel blessed to share dressing rooms with the overseas players like Kumar Sangakkara, KP, Hash, Ricky Ponting, and Graeme Smith. 

Jason Roy spoke about the “incredible natural talent” of Jofra Archer, saying that he’s “wicked to bowl at” in the nets. He also praised Archer’s work ethic, saying that he’s always trying to improve his game.

When asked who they would trust with a catch to save life, they put Chris Jordan (CJ) name ahead as he has got good mitts, and can stick a high ball up. 

Arun Harinath’s name came up when asked who is the best at the Bleep test, the trio also praised Joe Root as he could run for absolute days.  

They were questioned about who is always last out of the nets? They mentioned Ben Foaksey as he always comes in for second or third hits, the trio agree. They also mentioned Popey’s name as when they are traveling everywhere on coaches, they had to wait for Popey’s and Ben Foaskey to wrap up and come out of their nets.

When questioned about who is the best footballer. Jason Roy proudly took his own name, where Laurie Evan sarcastically stopped him and said “bad move,” at which both of them laughed. 

The trio unanimously declared as a good Ben Foaksey footballer, and said he is quite good at football. Topley praised Foaksey by saying that he has got the left foot of Van Persie.   

The other question that lightened up their mood was who wears the most outrageous gear? Laurie mentioned that there is a range of genres in the changing room and everyone rocks that. Meanwhile the duo pull the leg of Topley by saying that Reece wants to put his name, as he got a Kanye West album cover on his leg. On which the three of them shared a laugh. 

When asked about who’s the messiest roommate, Laurie revealed that he was roomed with Ollie Pope once and that was tough as he is a Messy Puppy.  Jason mentioned Sam Billings name, said he is the messiest person he knows so far.  

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