How To Ship Your Car To California


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Being a student in California State University Northridge is wonderful, with the colors this campus introduces you to the opportunities you get, it’s all great. But being a student, if you’ve moved to California State University Northridge and need your car on a day to day basis then this might be a clear hint of getting your car shipped. Yes, car shipment is nevermind the easiest option you have here but how is that done? 

Here’s everything you need to know about shipping your car to CSU Northridge and how A1 Auto transport can be your legit savior here. You can get a quote to ship your car here

All That You Need To Expect While Shipping Your Car To California State University Northridge

You’re open to a few options here. You can either drive your car and bring it to the location you intend to, that is, by dropping it off at terminals and then shipping it there yourself. And second, you can avail an auto transportation’s service which guarantees to ship your car to the intended location completely without any damage and even if something occurs, it’s all covered in the insurance!

For transportation services you’ll have to exhaust your search engine and find one reliable service because not everyone can be trusted with your car but these services will make sure you get the best deal out of the money you pay for this procedure. Whereas under a personal guarantee you’ll need to cover the costs of accidental damages and many others out of your own pocket. Yeah, it’s the riskier option. 

Moreover, now distance is the real contributor to the final cost that you get quoted by the company if you go for shipping your car through an autotransporation service. More the distance, more the cost. As the miles go up, you’ll get the cost higher but this gives an assurance for the safety of your car which is one of the highest priorities here. 

Last, but yes, this factor comes under the cost consideration too although we’ll separately talk about that too. One of the contributors to cost is the season you decide to ship your car in. For example, if you decide to ship your car during the start of any semester or mostly during this summer, this will cost you higher. That is because this is the peak season and the rates go high during this time and it’s always better to get the car shipped during an off season. 

The Cost Deciders During Your Car Shipping 

For a standard vehicle, that is your car the cost should be around under $1000 to something under $2000 but yes, it’s the size that decides that and this is only a rough estimate. Here are the factors that decide the charges of vehicle shipping to California State University Northridge. 

High season of the year 

Mostly during the peak seasons, which are the Summers; it’ll be costlier to ship your vehicle.

Location and the shipping method chosen 

Yes, location is a major contributor to the varying shipment charges of a vehicle. That is if point A and point B have a great distance that needs to get covered then you’ll get a quotation that might be a little higher than you expected. Plus, another deciding factor is the shipping method. That is, you’ve an option to either go for an open transportation and an enclosed one. Both of which come with their own costs and normally, open transportation is only going to be a little heavier on the pocket. 

Type of vehicle to be shipped 

There’s a criteria of vehicles that come in standard and luxury types and both of them come with their demand of being shipped. And yes, luxury vehicles cost higher to ship due to the set of demands they come with when shipping and also due to the extra care they need due to their original price tags. 

Last Note 

There are a number of options you’ll find to ship your vehicle and one of them is A1 Auto Transport which ensures complete safety and offers the best price for its reliable services. For further information, you can read more here https://www.a1 auto where you’ll be briefed of the procedure your vehicle gets shipped through.  

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