8 Fundamentals to Being a Responsible Cannabis Consumer


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Cannabis consumption, for whatever purpose one does it, comes with a vast spectrum of effects on the body. For first timers, it may be difficult to pick up on some of these effects when they take place. A trained body is self-aware enough to notice the slightest shifts of the sensitive homeostatic balance in itself. As most people do not exist in complete isolation from other humans in society, special thought has to be made to imbibe responsibly in the presence of others. It is also imperative to ensure that people keep their cannabis stored securely, preferably in child resistant packaging, to guard against any minors or pets disturbing the stock. But whether a person is new to the use of the plant, or if they have some years of experience, there are several key things to never forget when consuming. These key things are based fundamentally on the effects the plant is known to have on us when we use it. We like to call them the 9 fundamentals of cannabis consumption, and are split into two groups of four: Fundamentals To Have vs What To Fundamentally Avoid.

Fundamentals To Have

1. Water –  Consumption of cannabis usually dehydrates the body mildly, causing dry mouth, for example, so it is very important to make sure water is present. The cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) attaches itself to submandibular glands in the mouth. These glands are responsible for producing saliva. So in essence the THC prevents the saliva from being released in the mouth. So constant hydration is a must.


2. Food – The Munchie Impulse, as it is aptly termed by experienced users, is the rush of desperate hunger one feels after use. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact some people consume the plant for this reason specifically, because they may wish to increase their appetite. Whatever your favorite response to such an impulse, it may be helpful to plan ahead rather than leaving yourself vulnerable to overspending and overeating. 


3. Quality Cannabis – Purchasing from reputable dispensaries that can guarantee quality are the safest bet because they control and own the entire process from planting to harvesting and processing. Always check to make sure the cannabis is present and always check to make sure the quality is up to par. 


4. Safe/ Positive Environment – The cannabis plant has a way of blurring the lines between emotions and physical feelings and heightening both. This is why it is important for people to regulate their space and to make sure their experience with the plant is desirable. The slightest negative thoughts and energies within the vicinity may incite fixation which can lead to a downward spiral. An unsafe environment can also inspire paranoia and so it’s always recommended that the space be safe as well. 

What To Fundamentally Avoid

1. Overdose – Technically, there is no way to overdose on cannabis because it cannot kill you. However it is important, especially if it is your first time, to regulate the amount being used. It is a good idea to test the potency of the medium of consumption and the strain before trying too much. For instance it is advised that those consuming edibles try small pieces and then wait to gauge the potency of its effects before trying any more. 


2. Indica Use during Active Hours- Indica is the strain of cannabis that affects the body. It is good for easing discomfort, nausea, insomnia and a slew of other ailments. However, for those who use indica recreationally, it is important to plan times of use and ensure it doesn’t coincide with any duties or tasks. Anything that requires one to be alert and active in order to be efficient and safe, is not recommended time of use for a strain such as indica. Ensure it is used for leisure time if not medicinal.


3. Empty Stomach Consumption – If someone is tempted by the word consumption to assume that cannabis will fill the stomach, please be advised that is not the case. Furthermore it is also very important to ensure that the stomach is not empty before consuming cannabis. At the least this grave error might lead to a ravenous hunger streak, and at worst it might cause nausea and headache. If a person is hungry then they have no business consuming cannabis, unless it is expertly infused in various foods.


4. Never Leave the Supply Out – Proper storage of the cannabis plant is perhaps the most important aspect of the use – and reuse – of the herb. Because of the sensitivity of the plant itself even after it has been reaped, other odors and scents may easily be drawn into it. Finding air tight tins, jars and ziplock bags that provide a child and pet-resistant solution to safeguard cannabis in a packaging format that is as effective as it is environmentally friendly is paramount and should be sought more often than not. Whether it is tins, jars, or ziplock bags, it’s important to protect your supply from the pollution of open air. Remember, unpolluted herb is the safest herb.

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