How to Find the Lingerie You Love


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Every woman deserves to have a great piece of lingerie. But for many, it can feel a bit intimidating to find the perfect pair. 

Many of us likely have a collection of lingerie that we own, but do you love them? Many women do not put the time and thought into lingerie shopping that they should—simply because they feel intimidated.   

But feeling confident in our lingerie should be the norm and we want to ensure that happens for you too. Whether it is a bright and bold bra or a lacey ensemble that makes you feel like a supermodel, you should love the lingerie that you wear. 

When it comes to mastering how to find the best options for your body, look no further than here. From bralettes to corsets and even bodysuits, we will run you through all you need to know when it comes to finding the best pieces of lingerie that you will love to wear. 

Here are the top tips to keep in mind when it comes to finding the right lingerie for you. 

1. Understand Your Options

First, it is important to assess what the different types of lingerie are and what ones you will feel best in. One of the more popular pieces of lingerie right now is the bodysuit, which is literally a one-piece set that is both your bra and underwear and used to be layered. 

Then you have your bralettes for t-shirts, corsets to accentuate your curves, a bustier for giving your breasts a lot of love, and robes that are silky and sexy 

The various options of lingerie make it simple for you to find one that you would feel great wearing—which is key.  

2. Ensure You’re Comfortable

The next piece of advice when it comes to finding the right type of lingerie is to assess the comfort level. If you are not comfortable wearing it, then it is going to end up staying hidden in your closet. So focus on the comfort level and if you would equally be confident to rock it in the bedroom with someone you like. 

For those who are new to lingerie, take small baby steps. Get a simple set that is a bit more conservative. The more you get used to lingerie, the easier it will be to progress to the more out-there styles. 

3. Love Your Body

Next, know that everybody is different and there is no one perfect piece of lingerie for everyone. What looks good on one person likely won’t on the other. If you have small breasts, then embrace it and go for the layered or ruffled lingerie options.   

Or, if you are on the bustier side, you can go for a more supportive piece of lingerie that offers you support while equally flaunting your natural assets.   

From petite-sized to athletic and even plus-sized, you will be able to find lingerie that flatters you if you shop for your unique body type. You do not have to try to be something that you are not. 

4. Have Fun for Special Occasions

Lingerie does not have to be the same every day of the week. In fact, you can have a range of lingerie options—from your weekend casual to those special romantic evenings with your special someone. This also means that there is so much room to play around with colors and styles as well. 

5. Shop for Seasons

Of course, you should remember that different seasons will require different types of lingerie as well. For example, during the winter you will probably be doing a lot of layering and want thicker pieces. This is where bodysuits can really come in handy. 

In comparison, in those summer months, you will want a super light and breathable options. This is where you will want to have lingerie that is lightweight and supports those thin dresses and revealing tank tops.   

It also means that you can color coordinate with the seasons too. In the winter get those cozy and festive lingerie colors. In the summer enjoy those bright and bold colors.  


Shopping for lingerie is a personal experience. It is also something that for many women feels intimidating and makes them feel vulnerable. But it is important to remember that with these five tips, getting the best collection of lingerie is actually not that challenging. 

The most important piece of advice to remember is to shop for yourself first and foremost. You will be the one wearing these ensembles, so you want to make sure that you will feel great in them. You will also want it to be an extension of your personality. When you feel great in your lingerie, your natural beauty is going to radiate. 

What lingerie will you add to your collection yet? With so many great options out there for you, it is hard to choose wrong. 

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