A Beginner’s Guide to Lash Extensions

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There can be a lot to unpack when it comes to getting lash extensions for the first time. It’s important to go into your appointment with a little research in your back pocket to avoid having a negative experience. You want to be able to help you lash tech help you. This starts with knowing what to ask for and what to avoid. Bringing reference pictures or simply knowing a few key terms can make all the difference in the world, and can help you from walking out of your appointment with huge glam lashes that you may or may not have wanted. Most people have heard of lash extensions, as the last ten years have been a time where they have grown significantly in popularity, but very few people actually understand the intricacies of how and what this process entails. 

What Lash Extensions Are Not… 

So let’s start with what lash extensions are not. Many women who aren’t familiar with the process tend to think that lash extensions are just the more permanent versions of the false strip lashes you buy at the drug store or any beauty supply store. However, you might be surprised to find out that lash extensions are actually individual lashes that are adhered to your natural lashes using a special kind of glue. This more individual application of individual lashes or very tiny clusters of lashes leads to a more natural look that mimics your own natural lash line and gives off a more accurate impression of your real lashes, just slightly more long and voluminous. False strip lashes are also made up of low-quality artificial fibers that can be extremely heavy. It’s no wonder these fake lashes are usually worn for a one-night special occasion. Lash extensions in contrast are made up of lighter, higher quality materials such as mink fur, sable fur, or synthetic silk. Lash extensions create the perfect “I woke up like this” look, and typically last about six weeks before needing a refresh. 

Unique Alternatives 

Many people would agree that lash extensions are a better alternative than fake lash strips, but what if you simply can’t justify the cost of going to a lash tech every six weeks into your beauty regimen budget? Not to fear, many women are reaping the benefits of their semi-permanent lash extensions in the comfort of their own homes by buying DIY Lash Extension Kits. By choosing to learn how to apply natural lash extensions themselves, many women are taking matters into their own hands to cut costs, but still have fabulous lashes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Types of Eyelash Extensions 

Even once you understand the difference between fake lashes and lash extensions, it can still be a complex world to navigate when knowing how to ask for what you want from your lash tech. For one, length is everything. With the length of lashes starting at 5 millimeters and extending all the way to 18 millimeters, it’s important that the extensions be somewhere between 3 millimeters to 5 millimeters of your natural lashes to achieve the most natural, comfortable fit. It’s important to know the different methods for eyelash application, as this is the most impactful decision that determines the overall look of your extensions.  

Classic Lashes  

The classic application is when your lash tech applies an individual lash to your natural eyelash. Having each of your natural lashes accounted for creates the most natural look out of all the different types of extensions out there. It allows for an elevated, lengthened look that still most classicly resembles your natural eye line.  

Volume Lashes 

Sometimes referred to as Fan Lashes, volume extensions utilize a handmade fan of at least two plus lashes to adhere to your natural eyelash. This expansion in the number of your natural lashes being represented creates a more voluminous, full, luscious look. These fans work with a two-to-one ratio (sometimes more) of multiple lashes up against the natural lash. Lash techs refer to these fans with the number of lashes per bundle starting with 2D (two lashes) through 6D (six lashes). You will most commonly see lash techs use 2D and 3D for their Volume Lash clients. 

Hybrid Lashes  

The most in-between option of Classic and Volume lashes, the Hybrid model relies on a combination of individual lashes and fans of lashes to create a unique blend for your eye line. This mixture is good for those who want a more natural look than the Volume Lash route, but a little more of a dramatic change than the Classic Lash route is able to provide.   

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