Five Reasons to Switch to Vegan Makeup


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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic most professional organizations swiftly made the switch to a remote-work-culture. During this transition many meetings that were traditionally held in person or in the office became virtual events held over video-conferences. In turn, many more people than ever before were suddenly faced with the reality of their own aesthetics. This led to record sales in the beauty-product industry, as even many male-identifying professionals began to use various make-up products for video conferences specifically. This boom in beauty product sales also coincided with a more diverse selection of beauty retailers. With veganism, environmentalism, and social responsibility rapidly gaining value in the eyes of modern consumers, many beauty-brands took it upon themselves to create more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and even vegan beauty products. 

Vegan makeup products are just like traditional beauty products, in that they’re designed to help individuals feel their best and most beautiful selves. The main difference between vegan makeup and non-vegan makeup is in the ingredient list. Whether you’ve been using makeup for years, or you’re just starting to learn about beauty products, here are some of the top reasons individuals consider switching to vegan makeup products. 

Avoiding Icky Ingredients

As it was just mentioned, the main difference between a vegan makeup product and a non-vegan makeup product is in the ingredients. Vegan makeup products don’t use any animal products, or animal-byproducts. While it may be a little bit surprising, animal products and byproducts have been staple ingredients in beauty products for as long as they’ve been around. 

There are a ton of different animal products that can be found in traditional cosmetic and beauty products such as, carmine, lanolin, keratin, collagen, elastin, tallow, pearl, silk, milk-derivatives, snail-slime, and so so much more. These various animal products and by-products serve different functions in cosmetic products, but are kind of gross to rub into your hair or skin.

Vegan makeup products, on the other hand, make use of plant-derivatives or synthetic ingredients. 

Typically Better for the Environment

Because vegan makeup products are made with plant-derivatives and synthetic ingredients instead of animal products and byproducts, the vegan makeup manufacturing process is typically a lot healthier for the environment. This is because the animal products and byproducts sourced and required to make non-vegan makeup and cosmetic products generally come from an animal-farm. Animal farms and slaughterhouses take an incredible toll on the environment for a variety of reasons. 

By purchasing and using vegan makeup products, you’re actively supporting a future cosmetic industry that is much more environmentally friendly. 

Not only that, but vegan makeup and cosmetic brands will generally take a more sustainable approach to their packaging as well. This is because they value the environment just as much as the consumer does, and want to actively contribute to saving the planet.

The Benefit of Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Vegan makeup and beauty products aren’t always cruelty-free. This is an important distinction to know and understand. The cruelty-free label refers to a brand or product that is never tested on an animal in any capacity. Therefore, if a totally vegan makeup product is ever tested on an animal, it isn’t cruelty-free. 

In that same way, a cruelty-free product is not necessarily vegan. When you’re shopping for vegan beauty products, try to look for vegan makeup brands that are also cruelty-free, and you’ll have the peace of mind that no animal was ever harmed in the creation of your beauty products.

Support Businesses That Share Your Values

Many modern consumers want to support businesses that share their values, including those around the state of the planet, animal-treatment, and social responsibility in general. 

As most of us are truly and genuinely animal-lovers, you can support businesses that share your values by purchasing vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic products. You can find vegan beauty products in just as much variety as you can non-vegan cosmetic products these days.

The Prices are Similar

One of the best parts about switching to vegan makeup and beauty products is that the prices are extremely similar. With today’s technology and capability, you can find a vegan beauty product for any function, in just about any budget. 

That being said, you should still do your due diligence and make sure you’re buying a brand who is not only vegan and cruelty-free, but whose products are high-quality as well. 

Final Thoughts on Switching to Vegan Makeup

In today’s beauty-market, there is no real reason to be using non-vegan makeup products. There are so many vegan makeup and beauty products available and visible on the shelves, that it really does pay to make the switch. Both for your body, and for the planet. Stop slopping snail-slime and other animal byproducts all over your hair and skin, and start shopping vegan.

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