How Much Does It Cost To Be An Aspiring Music Superfan?


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From purchasing gig tickets to getting your hands on limited edition goods, how much does it cost to be a superfan? A lot. But not just to your wallet. When you’re a music fan, there’s so much more at stake than losing out on concert tickets or merchandise. 

If you’re serious about being a superfan, it’s worth spending some time and money in advance to make sure that you can get the most out of your fandom experience. 

It’s no secret that being a music fan can be expensive. With tickets to shows, merchandise and VIP experiences all costing a pretty penny, many people have been wondering how much it actually costs to be an aspiring music superfan. 

From purchasing gig tickets to getting your hands on limited edition goods, how much does it cost to be a superfan? 

For those who want to take their fandom up a notch by going VIP (which typically involves access to exclusive events), expect to pay anywhere from $150-300 per person for single-day access or $400-$500 per person for all-access passes. 

The most expensive artist fandom in 2022 

Drake and Ed Sheeran top the list of most expensive music artists to be loyal followers of, according to data released.  

The data found that Drake commanded a monthly average of $21.09 (£16.59) per fan, while Ed Sheeran raked in $17.51 (£13.58) per fangirl. BTS came third with $14.53 (£11.59) per fan on average. 

The beloved boyband BTS takes the title of having the third most expensive UK tour. This is because it would have cost a superfan the sum of  £4,073.64 to have seen them live at the mere six shows they have performed in the UK in the last five years. 

The cost of being an electronic superfan 

It’s easy to see why Major Lazer is the most expensive electronic artist to be a superfan of, as their music is incredibly popular, especially in the United Kingdom. 

Leading the way as the most expensive electronic artist to be a superfan of is Major Lazer, costing followers approximately £631.48 overall, to see live and buy merch from. 

Rihanna comes in at second place with an average price tag of £262.77 – but she’s not even close to being the most expensive artist on our list! Fans wanting to kit themselves out in Calvin Harris merchandise are looking to pay around £30.20, while enthusiasts wanting to listen to their favorite tracks on repeat can purchase the album ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2’ for £11.99. 

The cost of being an Hiphop superfan 

Being a hip-hop superfan doesn’t come cheap, with Drake significantly taking the lead as the most expensive artist to be a loyal fan of, costing followers £13,042.17 to be the ultimate devotee. 

Arising as the second-costliest hip hop singer to be a superfan of is Post Malone, with his following spending £1,087.66 on average.

The ‘ Better Now’ singer live, Post Malone fanatics can be expected to pay £74.70 per resale ticket, with attending every UK show in the last five years costing £971.10. 


There are a number of ways to calculate the average price for an artist’s latest album or tour, but one way that seems to work well is by dividing the total costs by the number of songs on each album or tour. This gives us a useful way to compare different artists and their latest albums/tours, even if they have very different numbers of tracks.  

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