7 Popular Social Media Tools For Influencers


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Social media has taken the word by storm with over 4.7 billion worldwide users which is half of the people on earth. Needless to say it has become the number one advertising channel for marketers. 

An effective strategy for businesses is to use social media influencers to promote their products. Influencers are users on a specific platform that have gained popularity for their knowledge and experience on a certain copy. Influencers have millions of followers who value their opinions and suggestions. 

With ever changing technology, influencers have to constantly be on their game and aware of which tools can assist them in making the best content and stand out. Below is a list of the most popular social media tools used by influencers.  

A list of the 7 best tools every social media influencer needs in their toolbox. 

1. Lightroom Presets

Number one on the list is Lightroom, particularly its preset function. It is a powerful editing software tool for images and the mobile version is completely free to download. The tool allows for the quick capturing, editing, organizing and sharing of photos instantly from a mobile device.  

Lightroom presets like the 2000+ preset package from Sitetrail, are basically a pre-created aesthetic that can be applied to any image in order to create a cohesive look. As an influencer, you will have your own unique style and presets can achieve the look you  want instantly. 

2. Canva 

Another tool that is free to download is Canva. Canva is a graphic designer’s dream and social media influencers use this tool to create unique social media graphics and other visual content. 

The free version provides plenty of features and hundreds of free templates that can be customized to suit a certain style. 

3. Later 

Although Later was originally specifically designed for Instagram, it does allow users to post to other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.   

It is an easy to use social media management tool that allows users to plan their social media content for up to a month in advance. The drop and drag interface allows content to be scheduled and also tells a user when the best time is to post their content.  

Another plus is that the tool uses powerful analytics to report on the performance of posts. These reports are key to a social media influencer’s success. 

4. Brandwatch 

Brandwatch allows the tracking of conversations and brand mentions in order to help influencers understand their audiences needs better. It can be used across multiple social media channels and tracks keywords, phrases or hashtags. 

It is a great tool for influencer’s that want to stay on top of audience content wants and needs. 

5. Inshot 

Inshot is an amazing tool for editing video content from a mobile device. The possibilities are almost endless for creating professional looking videos. The free version on mobile packs a bunch of powerful video editing tools, but for those looking to really stand out, the paid version opens up a whole other world of editing possibilities. 

Since video is quickly becoming one of the favorite channels for social media users, great video editing software is a must. 

6. MySocial 

Influencers do not work for free and one of the best ways to monetize content is through MySocial. The application allows influencers to find brands to work with, sponsored content and other influencers to collaborate with. 

With a simple touch of a button, influencers are able to grow their social media reach and earn an income from their content. 

7. Unfold 

Unfold is available for Android and IOS users. It is often described as “a toolkit for storytellers” and for good reason. Unfold is an ideal tool for influencers that focus on lifestyle brands and beautiful visual layouts that pull all of their content together. 

Final Words 

Whether you are an influencer active on only one or more than one social media platform, the list of tools we provided can help with audience growth and potentially reach more brands for paid work. 

 The competition in the influencer sector is tough and brands have a large pool of candidates to choose from. Ensure you stand out from the rest with unique and eye-catching content by using the tools from our list. 

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