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Nowadays, it’s really hard to ensure your online privacy. This is because so many online services and companies require at least some of your personal details. This could be in the form of name, email or number. This is why we have decided to write this article, to offer you tips on what you can do to maintain your online privacy and security, all the while not missing out on the online services you want to sign up to. We all also talk about how AnonymSMS can help ensure your online privacy. 

What Is Online Privacy?

Online privacy covers a vast array of different areas. Having said this, all are of equal importance and pose just as much of a threat as each other. Online privacy is, essentially, ensuring that you do not give away any details that could be used to scam or steal from you, as well as sensitive details that could compromise your online anonymity. Things such as your name, email, address, financial details and phone number are all aspects that either increase or decrease your online privacy.

Why Is It Important?

Alright, this is where it gets serious. Your online privacy is extremely important. Before everything was online, fraud came in the form of somebody physically taking something from you – maybe stealing money, something valuable, identity theft. Yet, all of these things still exist, they’ve simply been transferred online, where the risks are even more perilous. This is why it is so very important to be cautious with the details you enter online – and, in some cases, not enter them at all. For example, if you enter your bank details onto a site that is not secure, they could be stolen. The same can be said for your phone number. The minute you enter it onto some sites, your number will be sold on for sales and marketing purposes, after which you could receive hundreds of different calls and texts from a whole host of different companies. 

What Can We Do To Protect Our Online Privacy?

illustration depicting unlocking a phoneThere are many things you can do to protect your online privacy. When it comes to details such as your personal number, there is now a fantastic way of protecting it. SMS receiving apps are proving extremely popular right now and there is one service in particular – AnonymSMS – that people are loving. SMS receiving apps are an online service whereby you choose a temporary number to use for whatever service you’re trying to sign up to. This means that – as you’re not entering your own number – you won’t stand any chance of your number being used for sales and marketing purposes. 

What Makes AnonymSMS Special?

screenshot of anonSMS

AnonymSMS is probably THE most easy SMS service to use online right now. It is literally so simple and quick. Furthermore, it is also one of the very few services that is totally free to use. That’s right! You won’t need to pay a penny to use one of AnonymSMS’s temporary numbers, nor enter any card details at any stage. That’s not all though, there are many other perks. AnonymSMS has numbers from all around the world. So if you want to use a temporary US number but are based somewhere else, you can. Essentially you can select any number available on their website. There is absolutely no need to register or enter any personal or sensitive information – making this service even more secure. The numbers can be used for literally any online service, including things such as SMS verification, one-time passwords or any other service you are trying to use online. 

Digital Experts 

AnonymSMS is made up of a team of real digital experts. No-one knows the world of temporary online numbers better than them! As such, they make sure they add new numbers nearly every day; this is a really important factor, as those in the know understand that overused numbers can start to lag or delay after too much usage. Don’t take our word for it though, the statistics speak for themselves! AnonymSMS uphold the highest standard in the temporary phone industry and have an impressive 99.9% uptime on all of their numbers. 

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