Five Tools Every Startup Founder Should Know About 

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As a startup founder, you know the challenges that come with launching and then continuing to operate a successful new business. While the rewards are immense with a successful launch and thriving business, your to-do list as a startup founder can be miles long and seemingly never-ending. Thankfully, there are many tools available that make the process of launching and then running a professional business easier in today’s digital-based society. These tools will make the entire process easier and help you create a professional look that will garner respect. 

Why Launching a Startup Is Difficult

Before looking at some ways to make the process of launching a startup easier, it’s important to understand the immense challenge that a successful launch presents. After all, not only are startups riskier to start than more established chains, but startup founders, as you know, have to oversee everything themselves. As a founder of a startup, you know that it’s up to you to consider what customers want before your competitors and it’s up to you to design everything to do with your business. You also have to make sure that you are offering an innovative and unique product or service that stands out within your market and need to be able to oversee your business in terms of the nuts and bolts of launching it all on your own. This is all in addition to overseeing marketing as well. 

Startups are also extremely challenging to launch because doing so requires an immense commitment of money, time, and effort to get your business off the ground. It is not a fast or easy process to be sure, but it is worth it most certainly if you can manage to navigate the steps successfully and succeed in creating a profitable business.  

One of the main reasons that many startups fail is not having enough emphasis on customer acquisition or underestimating the time it takes to grow a company with little to no marketing budget. Thankfully, as previously mentioned, when it comes to the marketing side of things and customer acquisition there are tools available to make the job easier and to come alongside startup founders like yourself and increase your chances of achieving your dreams through launching a successful startup.  

Read on to learn more about these helpful tools:  

Tailor Brands 

As a true one-stop shop, Tailor Brands gives you access to everything you need to launch your business in one singular, user-friendly location. These tools include a wide range of services that will help you launch your business, moving it from a mere idea to a real, profitable business. There are many notable features, but one of the most useful, especially when you are just getting started is the AI logo maker. With this tool, you can design a logo that perfectly matches your business goals and persona.  

You can then take your business to another level by constructing a beautiful, professional website and locking in your preferred domain name and business email address. 

 Eventually, when you have moved through these steps, you can follow up and create digital business cards and even fun, branded merch, which everyone loves. You can also form an LLC in just a few clicks with Tailor Brands making this one of the most comprehensive tools to use to launch a startup. In fact, presently, some 30 million individuals have used Tailor Brands to launch their businesses worldwide. 

Tailor Brands wants to serve the role of an automated business partner, coming alongside you to help you bring your dream of a business to fruition. The mission of this company is to take the arduous struggles out of launching a business and instead make it a fun, easy, creative process that’s equally accessible to everyone. Its motto is fitting in that Tailor Brands helps people “turn their ideas into businesses”. 

Hubspot CRM Platform 

With the goal of being powerful but not overpowering, Hubspot CRM Platform is a user-friendly CRM platform that is both powerful and easy to use even for tech novices. A CRM Platform— for those who are unaware— is a platform that combines a variety of departments ranging from customer service to marketing and sales, organizes activities and notes, and includes data metrics all in one real-time system. Hubspot CRM Platform features many integrations including sales, content management, marketing, and even customer service. While each aspect is useful and even powerful on its own, the combined information all of the above can give you as a business owner is where the magic happens.   


The motto that drives this digital insight platform is to create better insights, faster. Fulfilling this goal, Heap gives you as a business owner a complete understanding of your customer’s digital activity and journeys so you can improve retention, customer delight, and also conversion. Heap has successfully helped more than 8,000 brands deliver an unparalleled digital experience. The data science utilized by Heap is advanced and alerts you as an owner to key moments of friction within your digital experience. 

Heap features an industry-first method of discovering ways that you can get your biggest business results, with a session replay for full context and a more complete understanding. This all helps save you effort and time, which of course are immensely valuable right now as you launch your startup. 

 In essence, it lets you fully understand why your users do what they do and instantly know how to fix it and get better results. The motto is “speed to insight equals speed to success”, meaning this is a solution that shows you every action by users and then provides actionable ways to make improvements, quickly. 


With Hunter, you can connect with anyone as this useful service allows you to find a professional email address in mere seconds and then connect with people who can help build your business. When you enter a domain search on Hunter, you get access to the emails behind any professional website. This will provide you with information about the people working for the company, their names, and email addresses.  

There are currently over 100 million email addresses indexed on the site, which combines with innovative search filters to create the most powerful email-finding tool available. After finding the email of an individual you want to contact for your business, Hunter also allows you to verify deliverability so you can send your message or business proposal with confidence it will get to the professional you are seeking. 

In addition to the domain searches, there are also other services available on Hunter, like their campaigns. You can create your own campaigns on Hunter using your outlook or gmail account. Hunter’s services help you get better results when emailing by preparing cold emails and even follow-up messages for you, giving you a chance to add a personalized touch to every message.  

Their motto is “you focus on content while they take care of their rest”. The mission is clear, to simplify your outreach process so you can focus on relationship building and getting to know your customers. With this campaign tool, you can schedule email campaigns, track them, access templates, and fully personalize the entire process.  


As a high-performance business phone system created for smart teams and innovative businesses, CallHippo will effectively increase your overall productivity by automating workflow and helping you analyze team performance, ultimately helping you make more calls.  

Some of the world’s largest and most successful companies trust CallHippo for their business phone system, including amazon, cuemath, iksula, Shopify, and Walmart connect. This tool allows you to monitor and manage all your business operations from one place, which can transform your sales process. Smart call routing, IVR customer experience, live call monitoring, and more are available through CallHippo.  

This tool basically helps you make more calls by maximizing productivity, thanks in part to the super high call connect rate. All of this and you can set up your business phone system in less than three minutes. You can also add users, buy numbers, track calls, and start calling worldwide with CallHippo. 

You Can Do This, There is Help Available

While the available stats on startups might not indicate that you have a good chance of succeeding as a startup founder, your hard work and determination will ensure that you beat the odds. Add to that, utilizing these innovative tools to help oversee the launch of your business, and fill in the gaps where you aren’t as well versed and experienced and you will find yourself one step ahead of the game. 

In fact, by using tools such as those outlined above, you will likely move further down the road to success than your competitors. Beyond everything else, though, keep believing in yourself and you will succeed by launching a startup the world is sure to love. In addition, you as a business owner will find the success you always dreamed of by maintaining a strong heading and branching out to access expert services when you need help. 


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