Wear Your Leggings Beyond Your Workout With These 10 Tips

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After a summer of fun, it’s time to head back to school. You’ve picked up all your books, found an adorable backpack, and have your favorite pens on hand to take notes in fresh new notebooks. But do you have comfortable and cute outfits you can rock all schoolyear long?  

 Sure, leggings are great for gym class. They stretch with your body and make it easy to jump and squat. Stay comfortable this schoolyear by leggings for tweens, styling leggings for tweens into chic everyday looks! You’ll be super comfortable and the envy of everyone at school.  

 Create fab fits all year long with these ten tips to wear your leggings beyond your workout.  

1. All About Layers  

When you wear leggings for a workout, you usually pair them with a simple t-shirt. Add a shrug or a light jacket to tie your fit together. A few light layers can help take your look to the next level. Add a shrug or a light coat to tie your fit together.  

Try colored leggings for tweens with a graphic t-shirt and an unbuttoned denim shirt. If you get warm, tie the shirt around your waist. The t will show off your personality while the longer shirt will break up the silhouette, helping you look relaxed and casual – but not like you’re about to go to gym class.  

2. Fun in Flannel   

An oversize flannel is the perfect fall layer! Throw it on over some leggings when it’s not cold enough for a jacket, but you still want an extra layer. Find flannels in fun colors like purple, yellow, or green.  

If you feel nervous wearing leggings, a long flannel can help you feel a little more covered up to rock your look with confidence.  

3. Keep it Cozy 

Fall may mean back to school, but it also means crisp weather. Stay warm in the cool morning air as you head to school by cuddling up in an oversize sweater. A thick knit sweater will pair perfectly with your leggings and add texture to your look.  

Don’t be afraid to layer with sweaters. That way, you can shrug it off if you get warm. A long duster can elongate your body, or a cute crop hoodie could cinch your waist.  

4. Make the Footwear Pop  

Leggings for tweens give you the opportunity to flaunt your footwear. Go for an athletic look with some funky sneakers and an oversize hoodie. Keep the look simple, and let your cute new combat boots be the start of the show!  

5. Shrug Your Socks  

Nothing says cozy like shrugged socks. Not only will they keep your feet warm once the weather cools off, but you can use quirky socks to add a personal touch to your look. Wear thick socks over your leggings and bundle them down towards your ankles.  

Try fun striped socks with sneakers and an oversized t-shirt tied off at your waist. Once the weather cools off, wear some thick wool socks shrugged down over your boots with a jacket and scarf.  

6. Go for Glitter  

Who says leggings have to be black and boring? Show off your sparkle in glitter leggings for tweens!  

Let the legging be the star of the show. Try some sassy zebra print glitter leggings with mary janes, a teal turtle neck tank, and a black cardigan.  

7. Keep it Sleek  

You can style a good pair of black leggings in hundreds of different ways. They are an essential staple in every girl’s wardrobe. You can dress them up with a nice sweater and shoes or keep them casual in a hoodie and sneakers. The possibilities are endless.  

To add more pizazz, pick a black legging with a leather-looking finish. These shiny leggings quickly elevate any casual ensemble.  

8. Funky in Flares  

Straight leg and fitted leggings are great – but everybody loves a flare! You can wear tighter-fitting tops since the bottoms help balance out the look. The bell-shaped base creates such a flattering silhouette.  

Be a disco queen, and get funky in some flare leggings for tweens this school year. Pair with a fitted long sleeve graphic t-shirt. Choose a slightly longer fit so you can wear some cute platform shoes. You’ll have legs for days.  

9. Play Up Patterns  

Don’t be afraid to let your personal style shine with unique patterns. You can find leggings for tweens in any pattern imaginable. Love soccer? Try a cosmic print! Be bold with butterflies. Even a simple rainbow stripe down the side can add a touch of character to an everyday outfit.  

10. Own Your Look With Accessories   

The right accessories will have you looking ready for the runway. Leggings are a more casual look, but some hoop earrings, colorful bracelets, or a bold necklace can tie everything together to complete the look.  

And don’t forget about hair accessories! Pair some leggings with a simple white t-shirt and a cropped denim jacket. Use a bandana as a headband to tie back your hair. You’ll look effortlessly cute and oh-so put together in your leggings for tweens.  

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