5 Tips for Watching CSUN Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams This Season


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There is nothing like a good basketball game to get the blood pumping and make for some exciting entertainment. And this season, unique talents from CSUN men’s and women’s basketball teams will surely keep you on the edge of your seats and roaring with delight.  

However, you’ll want to come prepared to get the most out of every game.  

That’s why we’ve put together these five tips for watching CSUN men’s and women’s basketball teams to help you feel every moment of the action.  

1. Be the Early Bird 

Usually, people go to sporting events late because they assume there will be plenty of seating and the concession stands will be fully stocked. Another common misconception for most fans is that you’ll be able to save money by waiting until the last minute to buy your tickets.  

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In fact, some teams even have a policy that forces all seats to be assigned in advance. So, purchase your tickets early to get a good seat and grab a bite at the concession stands before your favorite player hits the court.  

Brush Up Your Basketball Knowledge 

You don’t need to master every rule of the sport to be a fan. But understanding basic CSUN basketball terminologies and rules can help you follow along more easily and cheer on your favorite team with confidence.  

So, before the season begins, learn a thing or two about the players and the teams in action. You can also spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the terms associated with the sport.  

Because basketball has many different terms and phrases, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the terminology thrown around in conversations unless you’re a die-hard fan. Fortunately, some reliable resources like Inquisitr can come in handy.  

The Inquisitr basketball section, in particular, contains an in-depth guide to all the essential terminology fans and players use globally. Here, you can also find the hottest stories surrounding the CSUN basketball teams and exciting facts about their star players.  

2. Wear Your Favorite CSUN Apparel 

Every big sporting event has a sea of fans decked out in team colors. You, too, can look best while watching the game by wearing your preferred CSUN apparel. If you don’t have one yet, browse the team’s online store to find a jersey that perfectly suits your style.  

Wearing your team’s colors lets others know you’re a proud fan. Also, when you buy your apparel from the team store, a portion of your purchase goes to the school’s team.  

3. Ensure You Have a Stable Internet Connection 

If you don’t make it to the games due to commitments, you can still catch all the CSUN action from the comfort of your home. But nothing can be as frustrating as having a shaky internet connection when your favorite team is playing. 

Therefore, ensure your internet is fast and reliable to avoid any interruptions during the game. Fortunately, most cable TV providers offer reliable connections as part of their packages. You can also invest in a high-speed service from one of the local internet service providers.  

4. Watch with Friends 

Watching a basketball match alone feels boring for most people. So, to light up the atmosphere while watching CSUN basketball games, invite some friends over to join you.  

Have everyone bring their favorite drinks and snacks so you all have something to munch on during the breaks. You can further spice things up by asking everyone to choose a specific team to cheer. Don’t forget to capture all the fun moments and post the pictures on social media to make everyone who missed the match jealous.   

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