Gavin Newsom wins reelection as California governor


William Franco Espinosa

“I Voted” stickers are given out to those who vote in the 2022 California general election inside the Premier America Credit Union Arena at CSUN on Monday, Nov. 7, 2022, in Northridge, Calif. Nov. 8 marks the 2022 California general election that includes federal, statewide and judicial candidates, as well as ballot propositions, local candidates and measures.

Marissa Roberts, Assistant News Editor

Democratic incumbent Gavin Newsom will serve his second and final term as governor of California after defeating Republican state Sen. Brian Dahle in the Tuesday, Nov. 8, midterm elections, according to The Associated Press.

Newsom had received 57.6% of the roughly 6 million votes counted as of Friday morning, while Dahle had 42.4%.

This win comes a year after Newsom cruised to victory in a failed recall effort.

The governor’s voter outreach was notably toned-down this time around, according to Politico. Instead his campaign focused on putting up billboards in Texas and television commercials in Florida, advertising California as a safe haven for abortion services. Newsom ran only one television advertisement against Dahle, which called out his opponent’s opposition to abortion rights.

Some have speculated that Newsom is gearing up to launch a presidential bid in the future, but the governor has consistently denied these rumors, telling CBS earlier this month that he has “no interest” in the job.

Newsom gave an acceptance speech in Sacramento on election night, where he talked about the direction of California compared to other states.

“We have governors that won their reelections tonight in other states that are banning books, that are banning speech, that are banning abortion. And here we are in California moving in a completely different direction,” Newsom said. “That’s a deep point of pride, and it’s with that passion that I bring to this second term a resolve to do more to advance that cause of freedom and fairness.”