Andrew Demetre, Charleston-Based Fitness Coach, Explains Why Perfect Form Isn’t as Perfect as You Think


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It’s fairly common in weightlifting to hear talk about the importance of maintaining perfect form, and it’s for good reason — good technique can not only help you reach your goals faster, but it can also help to prevent injury. While form is definitely important, Charleston-based fitness coach Andrew Demetre explains how perfect form may not be as absolutely vital as it’s made out to me. 

Are We Too Obsessed with Technique?

There is no doubt that one can focus too much on form and miss the forest for the trees, so to speak. This is to say that while paying attention to your form when lifting is crucial to getting the most out of your workout, you can’t let it take over and distract you from your goals.? 

In basketball, if you were to keep rearranging the form on your jump shot so that it was technically perfect, you’re highly likely to be throwing up a lot of bricks come game time.? 

Those of us who are not professional athletes are better off finding what works for us within the general parameters of good form and then getting all the reps we can in. 

Of course, the big difference between shooting form and lifting form is that a jump that isn’t very aesthetically pleasing isn’t likely to cause you bodily harm. That is one caveat to keep in mind when finding the lifting form that works for you. You don’t want to get used to something that’s liable to result in injury. 

Can Anyone Really Have “Perfect” Form?

There are many who have worked tirelessly their entire lives to become biomechanical marvels, lifting with the precision of a finely tuned machine.? 

Some have come close enough that the naked eye can hardly discern any noticeable flaws, but the human body is not a machine. It comes with widely varying body types. This means that there is no true perfect form.? 

For many, this idea offers some relief. You don’t need to achieve technical perfection because, truly, it’s unachievable. Now, you can take the pressure off yourself and begin to focus on what’s truly important: finding the right form for you and getting your reps in. 

The Proof Is in the Pudding

Take a look at some of the most renowned weightlifters, and you’re likely to find that their technique is not always perfect. Often, some of them have notably odd technique in spite of their ability to lift at a superhuman level. Remember, too, that there is no guarantee that a lifter who obsesses over their technique is never going to get injured.? 

You always want to work hard to maintain a form that’s resistant to injury and conducive to attaining your lifting goals. But it’s important not to forget that expending too much mental energy on technique can slow you down and potentially hurt the effectiveness of your workouts. 

Guidance from Andrew Demetre, Charleston Fitness Trainer

Andrew Demetre, Charleston health coach, physical trainer, and bodybuilder, first found his calling during the pandemic when he realized that many of his clients preferred working out from home. These days, Demetre uses his expertise to train clients from home, whether in the greater Charleston area or worldwide. Andrew firmly believes every client can achieve their ideal body through hard work and dedication — no gym membership needed. 

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