Keep the love alive with your plaid

Angelica Bonomo

Sundial Photo
Photo Illustration by Angelica Bonomo

Oh plaid, it was so good in the beginning. Hot and heavy, I couldn’t get enough of you. But now your charm has started to dull, and I wonder if this love affair has ended.

Keeping love alive requires time, attention and the willingness to keep things fresh and learn how to constantly reconnect. Here are some steps that will help us reconnect with our beloved plaid, and keep the love alive.

Break the “rules” every once in a while: Don’t be afraid to work the plaid. This season is all about color and plaid patterns aren’t limited to black and white or black and red checks. Purple, yellow, turquoise and gray are a supremely flattering way to modernize the traditional print trend.
Compliment each other in public: Plaid patterns run from big and bold to small and subtly elegant. Choose your plaid patterns based on your body type and size. A bold, bright plaid may be too overwhelming if you’re short in stature. You may be best suited to a finer, more discrete plaid pattern in classic or neutral colors. In contrast, if you’re tall and slender, you can pull off busier, bolder plaid patterns. Spend some time in your favorite department stores and boutiques trying on a variety of plaids and see what works for you.

Try something new together: Instead of just throwing on the typical button-down plaid shirt like you normally would, mix it up a little. You can take a smaller men’s button-down plaid shirt (because their plaids tend to have more color and print patterns) and layer it over a more feminine solid tee for a cool casual look, and pair it with skinny jeans and ballet flats. But think outside the box. Go for a fitted design that shows off your curves, or latch onto an uber-feminine design by selecting a top with neck ruffles or a scoop-neck blouse with bell sleeves.

Simple little reminders of love maintain a relationship: If you won’t want to indulge too heavily in the plaid trend, you’ll find a variety of plaid accessories for winter that will give you a touch of plaid without overwhelming your frame. Why not wear a pair of low-heeled plaid shoes with tights and a skirt for a fresh look for winter? The quickest and easiest way to add this pattern to your wardrobe is through fall’s favorite accessory, scarves. Long, short, fringed, little checks, big checks, and any multitude of colors will help you to seamlessly incorporate plaid into your look. Just make sure you knot that scarf in an on-purpose, messy kind of way.

Re-choosing plaid in your life: Take a close look at your wardrobe and think about how you could add a plaid piece or two to your closet that will pull together what you already own. Like a cute strapless mini dress with a sweetheart-neckline. Just add a boyfriend blazer and you have very chic ensemble; the structure from both the dress and jacket keeps you from looking like you’re wearing a flannel nightshirt. Also, plaid coats, believe it or not, are always in style. If you find yourself one in flattering shape and print, you’ll wear it for years. Look for one in an especially unique design that will make you feel like this coat was made for you, or else it’ll become just another piece you bought because it was hot at the moment.

Just because you and your plaid have been together a long time doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun being in the relationship. When these steps are taken, you will not only be more connected, but you will be with your plaid because there are no other clothes you would rather wear. The relationship will not be one of convenience, but one of choice.